Wii Golf Tips

Known as a sports game created by Nintendo for one of its popular video game console, Wii Sports was first introduced in November 2006 in North America. This game includes different sports simulations such as bowling, boxing and tennis. However, one of the most favorite games featured in Wii Sports is the Wii Golf. The concept of this game is similar to the professional way golf is played. To master and enjoy the game, it is best to follow the simple Wii Golf tips listed below.

Starting the Game

If you are a beginner, the first thing that you should know when playing this game is how to use the putter. Since putter is the most used and essential golf club, you need to explore the different effective ways of using it. As soon as you master using the putter, it is important that you learn how to use the other golf clubs. Always bear in mind that the swing in this video game is similar with the swing in real golf game. Even if the movements of the legs are not that useful in Wii Golf, remember that the position of your arms and the speed of the golf club are essential to win in the game.

Adjusting to the Wind

Like in real golf, wind can also affect the outcome of the game. It is important that you learn how to adjust to the direction of the wind because this can affect the direction of the golf ball. To adjust to the wind, you need to practice and play the game often.

Checking the Slopes

Before hitting the golf ball, make sure that you check the slopes. You can do this by pressing button 1 before taking the shot. This can help you assess the severity of the slopes. If you want to have a closer glance of the slopes, you can press button 2.

Considering the Pars

The appearance and structure of pars are important to improve your winning chances in Wii Golf. In the first hole of par number four, you need to place the golf ball along the fairways. Make sure that the ball is in the middle of the fairways because the right and left sides are rough. If you are having a hard time in the second hole of par three, it is best that you relax and avoid putting much pressure and strength when you hit the ball. This can help you land the ball between the green and the front bunker in the par.

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