Weight Gain Tips

Weight gain refers to an improvement in body weight caused by different factors like fat deposits, muscle mass as well as excess fluids. You gain weight when you experience an increase in the hydration levels of the body and increase in the percentage of body fat. If you want to improve your weight, you can follow weight gain tips discussed below.

Improve the Intake of Calories

If you want to enhance your body weight, one of the most important things to do is to improve the intake of calories. However, it is essential that you know the caloric requirement of your body because eating foods that have high calories is one of the causes of becoming overweight. To improve your weight to about half kilo a week, make sure that your daily diet has 1,000 extra calories.

Examples of Foods That Can Boost Your Weight

Include foods in your diet that can help you improve weight. Some of the foods that you can eat are meat, fish and eggs. It is also important that you include dairy products in your daily diet. Always eat foods that are rich in protein and starch like potatoes, peas, beans as well as tapioca.

Drink Juices That Are Rich in Calories

Fluid intake is also important to gain weight. Always drink fluids that are rich in calories like fresh fruit juices, energy drinks as well as milk. In addition to drinking fluids, it is also helpful if you exercise regularly but be sure that you seek help from a professional. Include weight training exercises in your program because these are important to increase your muscle mass. Some of the exercises that you can try are bar dips, pull ups, bench presses, dead lifts, squats and barbell rows.

Eat Frequently

Make sure that you eat full meals three times a day. It is also necessary that you have snacks twice a day. You can also increase the servings of meals that you normally eat. Include foods that have unsaturated fats like canola oil, olive oil, peanut butter, nuts as well as avocados.

Consistency Is the Key

Being consistent with your diet and weight training exercises are important. You may not see results immediately because these may take a while. It is also helpful that you ask a dietician about the diet and weight gain program that you can try. In addition, there are also supplements that you can try but be sure that you ask your physician before drinking them.

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