Wedding Photography Tips

A wedding is a special ceremony celebrated by two individuals who want to spend the rest of their lives together. The events included in this ceremony vary between religions, social classes, ethnic groups, countries and cultures. Since it celebrates the union of two people, many people want to remember and have souvenir of this event. Couples who want to make this event memorable usually hire photographers to take pictures during the wedding. If you are new to this business, it is important to follow some of the wedding photography tips to make sure that your client will be satisfied with your service.


To ensure that you will capture all the important events in the celebration, it is necessary that you visit the place where the wedding will be held a month, a week, as well as the day before the wedding. Make sure that you go to the place at the time the celebration will be organized. This will help you foresee potential problems with the lighting as well as the sets for the wedding. During these visits, you need to capture pictures of the location and compare the pictures the night before the wedding.

At the night before the big event, check all the equipment that you will use. Clean all the equipment. If some are broken, visit a local photography store early in the morning and look for replacements. Above all, sleep early so you will have enough strength to cover the celebration.

Wedding Day

At the wedding day, make sure that you take pictures of all the special events. Start with the preparations taken by the bride before the wedding. Afterwards, take pictures of the groom waiting in the church or in the place where the celebration will take place. Other events that you need to capture are the bride in the church as well as the arrival of the newlyweds and other special visitors in the reception. It is also important that you take pictures of the events in the ceremony such as the swearing of vows and first kiss as husband and wife.

Bridal Pictures

Bridal pictures are important to the celebration. You can take pictures of the bride doing her makeup and hairstyle. You also need to get pictures of the bride with her parents and other family members. Do not forget to take pictures of the bridal dress and other paraphernalia like the invitation and the wedding rings. One of the shots that you should not forget is the mother zipping the dress of the bride. Additionally, remember to capture the time that the bride leaves the house to go to the church.

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