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This may be the Information Age but if your home page is poorly made, no one will go there. These web design tips should make your home page more attractive and useful.

Avoid Clutter

It doesn’t matter if your site is a virtual encyclopedia. If people can’t locate what they need, they won’t stay there. Make the information easy to find. Don’t think that users will spend minutes looking for something there, because they won’t. If the info isn’t easy to find, he or she will go somewhere else.

If you site is selling stuff have all the links at the top or side. Give them clear names. There should be links to home, FAQ, products and technical support. A good web design tip is to get as many facts as possible available at a glance. It will give visitors the chance to find what they need quickly.

Use the Right Colors and Graphics

These two play a vital role. If you own a business site, use the colors and graphics judiciously. As much as possible go for neutral colors like light blue, black and white. Try to stick to a common color theme.

When using fonts, use only two or three at most. It helps viewers make sense of the text quickly. Video and audio streaming are important, but don’t make it too large. Not everyone who surfs the Net uses a broadband connection.

Some web design tips for graphics use: if you have an art gallery, make sure you have thumbnails of the images. Don’t make them too large or too small. Look at other sites to get an idea of the size.

Content is Everything

Whatever the topic on your site, make certain that it is covered in depth. You don’t want to leave the reader hanging. However, don’t put the entire text on a single page. Put some links on the page and divide it into sections. Consider cutting down large paragraphs into smaller ones. Readers find it hard to read long paragraphs.

Other Things to Consider

Other web design tips you should consider are the links. These need to be updated. If the links aren’t working, readers might think that your site’s content is not current either.

Also check the traffic in your site. You need to be aware of the server condition. If the traffic gets too heavy, people won’t be able to get in. Having a feedback section is also essential. This way you can get an idea of what people think of your site. You can also leave your email on the page.

Once your site is up, keep an eye on emerging technologies. Depending on its contents, you can add a blog, RSS feeds and applets. Add these components only on the basis of necessity. Online users get annoyed with superfluous features.

Of course, these web design tips can only help up to a point. In the end it’s your creativity that will come into play. But if you use these, they can help your site attain its full potential.

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