Walt Disney World Tips

One of the main attractions and favorite tourist destinations in the southwest of Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World is a combination of theme park and resort that features interesting sites like the Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach and Downtown Disney. Spending a family vacation in this place needs extensive planning to maximize the time and money that you will allot in visiting the theme park. To make sure that you and your family will have a wonderful, exciting and enjoyable time at the place, you can follow some of the helpful Walt Disney World tips.


The first thing that you should consider when planning a family trip to Walt Disney World is the vacation package that you will get. To save money, you can check the official website of the theme park for family or group packages that the place offers. There are times that the theme park provides discounts to groups of four and above. It is best to grab the special offers because these can help you save money. You can also purchase tickets in advance to get discounts.

After making reservations or purchasing tickets, you need to plan your itineraries. When planning the places that you want to visit, consider the ages of your children. It is also important to look at the activities that the family members enjoy. To help you plan your itineraries, you can check the height and age requirements in the attractions that you like to see. Additionally, it is also important to check if the places that you like to see are not close for that day. Finally, if you want to maximize your stay in the place, make sure that you check the calendar of Walt Disney World and look for the schedules of fireworks, parades as well as live entertainment presentations.

During the Vacation

To enjoy your vacation and to have quality time with your children, check which park has an extra hour for the day. You can go to the place as soon as the park opens or you can wait hours before closing time to check out the rides and attractions in the park. To maximize your stay at Walt Disney World, it is advisable that you get a fastpass for each of the family member. Fastpass can save you time that you will allot when lining up for rides. Foods in theme parks are expensive. To save money, you can eat a giant late breakfast buffet for lunch and giant late lunch for dinner.

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