Twitter Safety Tips

These Twitter safety tips should allow users to have a more secure yet pleasant experience with the service. With these suggestions you’ll get more out of your time on the site without getting into trouble.

Be Careful of What You Post

Think twice about what you post there. Like SMS messages, your post can be forwarded by other users. When it gets posted on the Internet, millions of people will be able to read it. A simple guideline is this: if you don’t want others to read the message, don’t post it.

Take Everything with a Grain of Salt

Here is another Twitter safety tip you should never forget. The Web may be a great source of information, but it is also filled with wrong data and outright lies.

It’s perfectly possible that some of the messages you read there were made up by bored individuals with nothing better to do. Someone who says he or she is doing this doesn’t mean it’s true. Never take what you read there too seriously. It could be false.

Don’t Post Personal Information

Telling them what you’re doing is fine, but keep some things private. Posting your home address or cell phone number is a bad idea. If your friends’ list is confined to people you really know, it’s okay. But just like Facebook and other social networking sties, that list almost always includes friends of friends and mere acquaintances.

The importance of this Twitter safety tip can be seen in the following situation. If you tweet that you’re in the office and nobody’s home, someone could use this info against you. That person could be living near your home and do something unpleasant.

Don’t Show Off

It must be emphasized time and again: you have no idea who’s on the Net, so reserve some privacy. Don’t tell everyone that you have a lot of money in your bank account or that you have a box of jewelries in your bedroom. A lot of people on the Web are nice, but some of them aren’t. Since you wouldn’t reveal personal and financial info to strangers, there’s no reason to do it on the Web either.

Other Twitter Safety Tips

Some parents feel that this service shouldn’t be used by kids or teens below 18 years of age. Others disagree. If your kids do use it, here are some things to keep in mind. Make sure that they don’t give out personal information. Tell them that their location and financial info should never be posted either.

You want to give your children and teens privacy, but as a parent you have the right to know who they’re sending messages to, especially if they’re minors. Inform them of the dangers of meeting with strangers on the Net. A clear understanding between parents and children is essential to avoid problems.

In terms of communication this service is one of the best on the Net, although it comes with some risks. But if you use these Twitter safety tips, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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