Tips to Save Gas

The global financial crisis seems to be affecting almost everyone. Prices for food, clothing and other basic commodities continue to run in high levels. The same thing goes for gasoline prices, which have been a burden for many people for quite a long time now, especially for those who are living in a relatively tight budget. For people who frequently travel or for those who wish to reduce their daily costs, here are some very helpful tips to save gas.

Learn to Drive Smartly

When driving, it is best to have a tuned up vehicle. Make it a habit to replace the air filter annually. Check your tires regularly. Drive with well-inflated tires for faster and smoother flow of travel. Based on studies, tires that are inflated properly consume less gas. Another very good habit to develop is to change oil, preferably every time your vehicle runs at least 4,000 miles.

Before going to the road, unload all the heavy stuff and other unnecessary materials in your trunk. Excess baggage can eventually slow you down and consume more gas than what you initially expected. Another important thing to remember when driving is to drive in a relatively slow manner without going too slow. Just go in a relatively moderate speed that is fast enough to bring you safely towards your destination.

Do not accelerate your vehicle too much and then hit the breaks hard. This is a very bad habit for many drivers. By avoiding this mistake, not only can people save a lot of gas, but they can also slow the wear and tear of their vehicles.

Reduce the Use of Your Cars

For shorter errands and travels, it is better to use cheaper but highly convenient means of transportation. A simple bike ride or a short walk is definitely great. Carpooling can also be a very good alternative particularly for people who are going to school or to their work. By doing this, they can save gas as well as enhance their social life. Besides carpooling, why not try riding public transportation. It can be a fun, enjoyable and definitely less stressful experience at times.

When scheduling a trip, people can combine all their errands. With significant amount of gas, they can accomplish numerous things all within a single trip.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

Be sure to use motor oil with superior quality on your vehicles. Never compromise value and performance in exchange for low prices. Doing this can help save gas, avoid overheating as well as prevent wear and tear. Furthermore, never develop bad driving habits such as jackrabitting, rapid acceleration and heavy braking.

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