Tips to Quit Smoking

It is an indisputable fact that once a person becomes addicted to the habit of smoking, it is quite a challenge to give up this habit. However, with a strong will and persistent effort, it is very much possible to overcome this challenge. The following tips will help one combat the habit of smoking.

Points to Help Quit Smoking

Reduce the Consumption

There are some who are able to quit cold turkey. If you cannot achieve this, the best option is to reduce your consumption. The same holds good for smoking. Let us assume that a person smokes as many as ten cigarettes in a day. He / she can try cutting it down to eight in the first week / month, then make it six in the next and gradually bring it down to none. It is a good idea to take out all the cigarettes and leave only a few in the packet. This way, the person can resist the temptation to smoke more. If there are plenty of cigarettes in your pocket, the urge to cheat will be that much harder to resist.

Think  About the Consequences

It is very essential to study and understand the consequences of smoking. Read as much as you can on the subject to convince yourself on the importance of giving up this life-threatening habit. Studies have shown that cigarette smoking can lead to impotence, lunge cancer, heart attacks and so on. The person should read and gather information on these facts from books, journals, newspapers and the Internet. Better yet, there is a definite impact when one takes a look at the pictures. Some anti-smoking sites show pictures of patients who have had their vocal chords taken out and suffered other diseases. Some of the pictures are very graphic. The point is to drive home the importance of how scary the consequences of smoking can be and motivate the smoker to quit.

The smoker should also think about his friends and family. Secondhand smoke or passive smoking is just as dangerous and toxic as active smoking.  The thought that loved ones can also be adversely affected due to a person’s  negative habit will motivate him to make a conscious effort to fight it. Studies have shown that this is one of the most effective methods to make a person more determined about quitting smoking.

Stay Away from Other Smokers

Once the person has managed to reduce his / her cigarette intake, efforts to keep it that way is very important. The best way to do this is by avoiding people who smoke. Do not go to bars that permit smoking. When you go to stores, avoid that section. Resist with all your might, the temptation to light a cigarette when someone around you does the same.

Inform your friends that you are serious about quitting this habit. Tell them about the dangers it can bring to you and the family. Speak seriously. This will show your friends that you are not kidding. You might even inspire some of your smoking friends to begin fighting their own battle to quit this addiction.

Use Alternatives Other Than Cigarettes

Among the hardest cigarettes to put down are those that are lit after meals. To many, it has become as essential as drinking water after eating. You can try candies or other similar alternatives, available in the market. There are lots of products to choose from. You might want to do some research first, before you decide to choose a particular alternative.

Get Support from Friends and Family

Not to be discounted is the encouragement you get from your loved ones. Let your family know that you are doing it for them. The encouragement you get from them will give you the strength to go on.

These tips can be of considerable help when it comes to giving up smoking. But ultimately, the entire process solely depends on the individual. Quitting smoking can be an achievable goal only if the individual involved remains strong, disciplined and determined. Where there is a will, there surely is a way and means to achieve this goal.

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