Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

When it comes to strokes, knowledge is power. Here are some ways you can prevent heart attacks and stay in good condition.

Eat the Right Foods

A majority of strokes occur due to an improper diet. If your daily intake consists of high cholesterol food you’re more liable to get a heart condition. All these fatty foods combine to block and damage arteries, leading to a stroke. To avoid this situation, keep your consumption of greasy foods to moderate levels (if you can’t eliminate them entirely).

Consult a physician for the right diet. But for starters, you should eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Taking vitamins and supplements will also help prevent heart attacks.

Have Regular Checkups

Strokes oftentimes can be avoided if one goes to the doctor regularly. Some people don’t. They reckon they feel fine, so there’s no need for a checkup.

The truth is that the symptoms develop slowly. By the time the illness manifests itself, it may be too late. By scheduling medical checkups regularly, you’ll know when something is up. You will still have the chance to manage the problem.

Be Aware of the Symptoms

It’s important that you recognize the symptoms early, so you can be taken to the hospital while there’s still time. Some people die of the disease because they’re not even aware they are suffering a stroke. This is critical in helping you prevent heart attacks.

The signs include difficult breathing, chest pain and numbness in the feet. Uncontrolled drooling, pain the back of the neck and dizziness may also be indicative of a stroke. Go to a doctor immediately if you experience any of these.

Manage Your Weight

If you don’t control your weight, your chances of getting a stroke increase. First it becomes obvious you are not eating right. Second, being overweight makes most people feel sluggish. They don’t like to work out and this has dire consequences. Instead of being burned, the fats get stuck in your body. In time this can cause complications.

Aside from fats, sugar levels need to be controlled to prevent heart attacks. If you get diabetes, it becomes doubly hard to fight strokes. Part of the reason is that diabetes and stroke medication may not always be compatible. It will limit your options.

Avoid Stress

Stress can induce a stroke, so people predisposed to heart ailments should always remain calm. If you feel anger coming up, take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Repeat this ten times. Repeat again if necessary. This is one technique used to control anger and emotions.

To keep your emotions under control, get into a hobby. It can be painting, stitching etc, anything that will keep you amused and occupied. Keeping your temper in check helps hold your blood pressure down. It’s a fact that high blood pressure leads to strokes, so keep it in check.

Learning how to prevent heart attacks isn’t hard. All the tips mentioned above can be done easily. All it takes is a little discipline.

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