Tips on Talking to Girls

Before you can get a date, you’ve got to know how to engage women in conversation. Here are some tips for talking to girls.

Sense of Humor is Important

Don’t be too serious. Nothing breaks the ice quite like good humor. Cracking jokes or making witty comments will keep girls interested in the conversation. Don’t try to make jokes all the time, but try injecting some humor when she asks you to comment on something.

By all means avoid crass and green jokes. Keep in mind that what seems funny to guys may offend women. Keep the humor clean.

Don’t Bore the Girl

It is okay to talk about yourself, but don’t make a speech. If she asks about your job, tell her. But don’t get too specific. If you’re a computer programmer, there’s no need to get into technical details. Among all the tips for talking to girls, this is one of the most pertinent: don’t bore her. While you don’t want any awkward silence, boring her with a monologue is even worse.

Learn to Listen

Whatever the two of you talk about, ask her opinion. This does two things: number one it shows you’re interested in what she has to say. Number two, it can give you insights on the subject. This is important. If you discover that you both like this topic, it can lead to more stimulating discussions.

Don’t Reveal Too Much

Don’t tell the girl your life story just for conversation’s sake. You don’t know each other that well yet, so there’s no need to tell her everything. When considering various tips for talking to girls, keep this one in mind. Girls enjoy speaking to guys, but learn to be quiet at times.

Guys who talk too much may give the impression that they’re going to spill the beans on everything. While stereotype concepts have their drawbacks, trying to be the strong silent type can be a plus too.

Be Informed

Don’t believe the notion that girls don’t like geeks. On the contrary, women like men who are intelligent. By being aware of what’s happening around you, you won’t be lost in conversation. Read newspapers, magazines and books. Being knowledgeable makes it easy to give an intelligent opinion.

End the Conversation Early

Here is another tip for talking to girls: end it early or when it gets very interesting. Just pretend you’ve got a meeting or something. You leave her with the impression that you’re very intelligent. By leaving the topic hanging, she’ll want to talk to you again.

Other Tips

The way you speak is just as crucial. Don’t shout, but make your points clearly. Again don’t forget that sense of humor is vital.
If you’re in a gym, you can start by asking her or making comments about the equipment. Just pick a topic that’s relevant to the situation or just something interesting.

Be courteous, yet causal. With these tips for talking to girls, even shy guys will be able to start a good conversation.

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