Tips on Stopping Smoking

Smoking refers to the act of burning a substance and inhaling the smoke of this particular substance. One of the most popular ways of smoking in present times is with the use of cigarettes because these are available in grocery stores or supermarkets worldwide. Aside from cigarettes, other paraphernalia that can be used in this practice are pipes, tobacco, bongs and hookahs.

Medical experts proved that smoking is very hazardous to health. This practice can improve the risk of having lung cancer and other respiratory diseases like strokes and stenosis. It can also cause the development of mental illnesses such as anxiety and extraversion. If you are a smoker and you want to quit this practice, you can follow some of the simple tips on stopping smoking.

Preparing a List

Preparing a list why you need to stop smoking is the first step to achieve this objective. Make sure that you list 20 reasons and above. Use keywords when making the list. Write them in a handy notebook or a small paper that you can carry anywhere. The list is very helpful whenever you are tempted to smoke. Just look at the list whenever you want to smoke and you will be discouraged and convinced that smoking has life-threatening effects.

Assessing One’s Need for Smoking

After making a list, it is important to assess your need for smoking. Analyzing the instances when you regularly smoke is essential to the process of withdrawal. For example, if you regularly smoke after having coffee, then it is best that you limit the times that you drink coffee so you can lessen the times that you smoke.

Understanding the Effects of Withdrawal

In order to quit smoking successfully, it is important that you understand the effects of withdrawal because you may have a hard time dealing with the challenges faced by those who have stopped the habit. During the first week of withdrawal, you may have difficult time controlling yourself. Some of the effects of withdrawal are lack of concentration and sleep deprivation.

Dealing with Your Cravings

If you want to stop smoking, it is necessary that you know the different ways of dealing with your cravings. Cravings usually last for three to five minutes. It is best that you plan activities that can help divert your attention from your cravings. You can chat with other people whenever you crave for smoking. If you are alone when you crave, it is best that you take deep breaths and short walks.

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