Tips on Driving a 5 Speed

Driving a 5 speed vehicle is not that hard. In fact, it is moderately easy. Anyone can easily master this skill with the proper concentration, eagerness and determination. Constant practice can also make the learning process faster. Of course, there is also a need for the right information in order to know what it takes to master this important driving skill. Here are tips on driving a 5 speed that can help you become a good driver.

How to Set the Vehicle in Motion

The first thing to do before you can set the vehicle in motion is to start the motor. Do this by turning the car key while stepping on the clutch with your left foot. When taking the car out of gear, you need to step on the brake using your right foot. You can step off the clutch as long as the vehicle is in neutral. While your right foot is on the brake, take off the parking brake.

Step on the clutch fully and then position the stick on first gear. Take your foot off the brake and then transfer it to the gas pedal. Slowly release the clutch while at the same time put more pressure on the gas to set the vehicle in motion. As much as possible, limit your step on the gas below 2,000 RPM. For beginners, this final step is quite difficult. It usually takes practice to master this all-important step.

How to Perform a Brake Stop

Before setting your right foot on the break, you need to step fully on the clutch. When your foot is firmly on the clutch, slowly step further on the brake until the car comes into a full stop.

How to Shift From One Gear to Another

After setting the car in motion via the first gear, you need to shift to a higher gear to move faster. While running, slowly take your right foot off on the gas pedal. Step on the clutch fully and then shift the stick to your desired gear. It is advisable to shift one gear at a time. After driving in the first gear, try the second, the third and then the fourth until you reach the fifth gear. However, if the speed requires it, you can jump two gears higher. For instance, you can change from the first gear to the third gear or from second gear to fourth gear. When releasing the clutch, do not push the gas pedal right away. Instead, do it slowly for a smoother flow of vehicle.

Additional Tips and Other Relevant Information

Before you drive through busy streets, practicing in vacant areas is definitely a good thing to do. It is better because you cannot bump other cars and you can learn how to have better control of your car.

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