Tips on Decorating Wreaths

Wreaths are an assortment of flowers, branches, fruits, twigs and other materials made into a ring. They are artfully hung on doors, walls and over fireplaces to add a touch of holiday or seasonal cheer to homes or given as gifts for a number of occasions.

Be creative and choose a theme

Decorating wreaths can be a fun process, almost any craft item you can conceive of (and a few you probably can’t) can be used to make beautiful wreaths. The fastest way to create a wreath is to purchase a simple wreath base or plain green wreath from a local supply store. These wreath bases are simple frames that are anywhere from 8 – 20 inches in diameter. They are typically constructed from styrofoam, straw, grapevine or wire. These bases can then be decorated with any number of items and with all the options available (fruits, twigs, berries, flowers, ornaments etc.) picking a theme will help you to narrow down the items to be placed on the wreath.

Know the occasion, know the season

Wreaths can be tailored to any event, so it is a good idea to ensure that you decorate it accordingly. The most common occasions for wreaths are during the Christmas holidays, to celebrate the start of spring and at funerals, so it is important that the decoration of the wreath fits with the occasion. Funeral wreaths tend to be large and made completely of flowers that are interspersed throughout. Spring wreaths can be decorated with fruits (real, dried or artificial). Apples are a favorite when creating wreaths for spring. Holiday wreaths tend to show up the colors of the season, they are traditionally made using Douglas fir or hemlock with a touch of holly. Holiday wreaths can also be decorated with tree ornaments, ribbons and dried fruit. Wreaths are also a great option to giving flowers for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine ’s Day. Decorating it yourself will make it that much more meaningful. Bases can be bought in heart shapes and red, white and pink flowers and decorations used.

Match the decor

When decorating a wreath, it is a good idea to match the decor of the room it will be placed in or the door it will be hung on. This is particularly important when giving a wreath as a gift. Wreaths made from pinecones, dried twigs and fruits tend to go well with homes decorated with earth tones and wood construction, while more modern homes will do well with brighter wreaths. It is always best to decorate a wreath according to the existing color scheme. (No one wants a bright blue wreath on a bright red door). When in doubt, keeping it simple green and white is a good option.

Hanging your wreath

Most wreaths are hung on walls and doors, it is therefore a good idea not to make the wreath too heavy. The frames already provide a lightweight base so try to keep decoration to a tasteful level that will allow the wreath to remain mounted for as long as you want it to remain in place.

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