Tips for Writing Movie Reviews

Writing movie reviews is a simple but not necessarily easy task because it requires some serious homework. Although where you will be posting your review will help you determine how much effort you have to put into it, you still need to take into consideration that the finished piece will reflect your abilities so it’s always best to do it well or not at all.

What to Do

Never review a movie you didn’t watch or rewrite a review and make it your own. You may find after seeing the movie that you are in complete disagreement with the reviewer you used as you source. Taking advice from friends, coworkers or family members may help if you decide to include a list of viewer comments at the end of your work but this should not be the basis of it.

While watching the movie, be sure to make notes. Relying merely on memory is never a good practice since you may forget important things like names of people or locations when you get around to the review. It should be informative so having scant or incorrect information is a definite weakness. Character’s roles and the people who play them should be noted, screenwriter, producer and director should be recognized, story line and so.

Do not take to long after seeing the movie to write the review but avoid writing immediately, balance is important. Give it a day at least and allow what you saw to premeate your mind. Between your notes and the delayed though process that is bound to kick in, you may find more substance to present. This is so because many times we are unaware of things that make an impression on our minds and only begin to identify them afterwards.

Plan how you will write the review, consider: who am I targeting? What’s the best language to you use for my intended audience? Do I need deep analysis or should I just give a surface understanding? Is my grading system suitable and clear enough?

Review the review; have you consider all important details? Is the tone right? Am I fair? Once the review is comprehensive enough for your audience, check for grammar and spelling errors. Look over to make sure that you have written it in a way that will keep your reader’s attention until the end, the best thing to do is to write a first paragraph that grabs the reader. Keep in mind your writing abilities, it’s best to be modest than to aim for something that fails.

What Not To Do

Do not overreach or be inconsistent. Enthusiasm is good but do not over do it. Like it or hate it, your readers are likely to pick up if you are exaggerating and it may affect your creditability. Understandably this is your opinion but it should also by a fair analysis that reaches a conclusion they can map with you. At the end they should be able to see (based on your opinion of the film) why it got the rating it did. So what you say through-out should correspond with the grade given.

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