Tips for Panic Attacks

Sudden emergencies or bad news tend to trigger adrenalin rush in people. But there are some who get more share of adrenalin than others. This is when a panic attack is set off. These attacks can sometimes be unhealthy and dangerous. People who have high blood pressure or heart ailments especially, can use the following tips for panic attacks and learn how to stay calm.

It is all in the Mind

Know that panic begins in the mind. This is the first thing to know about how to stay calm and avoid panic attacks. It is all in the mind. When an emergency occurs, when you sense danger or when you hear some bad news immediately, take a deep breath and tell yourself, “relax”. Continue to take deep breaths. This relaxes the heart beat and brings oxygen to the brain. Studies on neuroplasticity is relevant here. Train the mind to relax daily. It will easily command the heart to relax in times of trouble. This is among one of the most effective and powerful tips for panic attacks.

Exercise Daily

An unhealthy body finds it difficult to obey a calm and logical mind. If the heart is unhealthy due to lack of exercise, it will operate on its own. This, even while the mind tells it to calm down in emergencies. But with regular exercise, the body will be able to work in tandem with the mind. Also, regular exercise helps to increase the capacity of the heart and lungs to take in oxygen with ease. A good exercise to supplement good tips for panic attacks is aerobics. Daily running or walking briskly can help a lot to stay calm during emergencies.

Positive Environment

There are panic attacks that happen for no apparent reason. They just happen out of the blue. For instance, a person just sitting in an office can for no reason, feel nervous and panicky. If it is not due to any physical ailment, it might be psychological. Among the vital tips for panic attacks under such circumstances is to make a conscious effort to surround oneself with positive thoughts and aspects. Watch positive TV programs or DVDs instead of violent or scary ones. Foster a warm and loving atmosphere at home. Forgive people who do wrong and never nurse a grudge. Removing the negative aspects  in one’s life helps a lot in how to stay calm on a regular basis. It prevents unexplained and sudden panic attacks.

Maintain a Sense of Security

Always have somebody dependable for company. Avoid being alone. When new in a city or town, keep important emergency contact numbers. Write the phone numbers of the police, fire department and the ambulance service. Keep all this information a small handy notebook and do not forget to carry it with you all the time. This will help to build a sense of security and surely minimize panic attacks to a large extent.

As mentioned earlier, panic attacks occur mainly in our heads and minds. It is in our hands to control them and get over them. The above mentioned tips will hopefully help you overcome this challenge and enable you to lead a happy, healthy and content life.

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