Tips for Online Dating

Since the advent of online dating, many people will tell you that their marriage resulted from having met their partner through an online dating service. What you may not know is that online dating has become an extremely competitive industry, so if you decide to use this as your dating medium, it is very important that you intensify your presence. In order to improve your chances of success, as well as to maximise on your online dating experience, here are a few tips you can use to aid in not only understanding the industry, but to also understand who and what you are seeking, to understand yourself as well as to walk away with better results.
First of all, determine the type of online dating service that is the best fit for you. It is imperative that you select the service that matches your list of goals. There are five basic types of online dating services from which you can choose:

  • General Online Dating Service – this service is largely aimed at dating and you will be able to see everyone who has a profile, eg.
  • Relationship Services – these are generally aimed at those who are more serious about finding a partner for a relationship or for marriage and utilises compatibility testing, eg.
  • Social Network Services – this type of services provides the opportunity for you to potentially find a partner through the process of building a base of friends, eg. MySpace
  • Niche Dating Services – aimed at those who share a commonality or a specific passion, eg. Millionaire Match
  • Merging Online Dating Services – uses a combination of online dating and offline applications, eg. Chick n Chit.

After choosing the type of service that best suits you and your goals, ensure you follow the important safety tips for online dating. For example, be sure not to give out too much personal information such as a home phone number and if you decide to meet a potential love interest, always do so in a public place for the first date. Make sure to request a recent picture, as well, and always trust your instincts.
In order to get responses and attract the right person, try to make your profile fun, positive and lively. Always avoid negatives and peek at other profiles to determine what it is that has attracted YOU to them. Maybe you can use these observations to build a more interesting and less generic profile, thereby increasing your chances of finding an online dating partner! Along with a great profile, posting an amazing, recent picture of you will be sure to grab attention. Depending on the photo, it will also serve as an ice-breaker for persons wishing to send you an email. If it is YOU who decides to send an email, however, make sure to personalize your draft while asking more questions based on the details provided on their profile than providing information about yourself.
Finally, avoid little white lies. Since you are more than likely seeking a life partner or at least something that will result in a serious relationship, you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot, do you?

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