Tips for Making a Christmas Hamper

Christmas is that time of the year when many persons get together to celebrate the birth of Christ. Many persons use this opportunity to exchange gifts and participate in religious ceremonies. During this season finding that perfect gift for families, loved ones and friends are usually very tedious especially when you are not sure to what to get that person. Christmas hampers are usually very attractive and the price ranges usually vary and makes a perfect gift idea.
Here is how to put that perfect Christmas hamper together.

Formulate a basic theme by which they intend to abide; the person receiving the gift should influence that. Common themes are breakfast, sweets and chocolate.

Find a suitable base for the hamper. Baskets are the preferred of choice of many, however little decorated boxes, trays or other decorated containers may be used as well. When using baskets, the types used should be based on the likes of the targeted audience. Smaller baskets should be chosen for smaller hampers and larger baskets for larger hampers. Baskets should be stuffed with or may contain bits of shredded paper to cushion the items that will be placed inside.

The items to be placed in the containers are next. These items may range from chocolate bars, Champagne, nuts, candies, coffee etc. in some cases personal items may be use such as colognes, and jewelry. The content should be based on who is going to get the hamper whether family, friends or loved ones. When selecting items for family members, it may include items such as chocolates, sweets, cookies, coffee, peanuts cashews etc. These items may also be used when making hampers for friends as well.
When making hampers for his or her spouse, items such as cologne, jewelry, champagnes, chocolates, coffee, sweets etc. should be used.

These items should then be placed in the neatly in the selected container. Not in any particular order but some form of ordering would be a plus. Taller items to the back and shorter items towards the front is a preferred choice, when this is done then almost all the items will be shown. This way the the hamper will appear more appealing.

All items should fit just right in the container. Avoid overcrowding, use a larger container if items are too compact. Avoid having too much space as well, as this will make the hamper appear to be cheap or untidy. Use small containers when using a small amount of items.

If baskets with covers are chosen, close the cover tightly in order to avoid items falling out. If other containers are used instead, use plain or decorated papers to hold items together in the basket. Such papers should be somewhat transparent. Use tape or elastic bonds to hold the top of the paper together, then use a bow to add flavor to this finished product.
Having done all of that, you will wind up with the perfect Christmas hamper.