Tips for Lowering Blood Pressure

A lot of diseases can be avoided by lowering blood pressure. Contrary to popular belief, heart attacks can strike people even in their 30s. But if you keep it below 140/90, you’ll reduce health risks.

Eat Healthy

Some of the leading causes of high blood are fatty and sweet foods. The cholesterol and fats are stored in the body. This not only makes a person fat. It makes the flow of blood to the heart more difficult. The end result is the heart has to work harder to pump in oxygen and blood. Too much pressure and the result is a stroke.

The key to lowering blood pressure is to minimize consumption of fats. Meats and junk food should be eaten sparingly. If you already have high blood pressure, it’s better to remove them from your diet. Salty foods should also be avoided or taken in moderation.

Monitor Your Sugar Level

Too much sugar will lead to diabetes. Often those with this disease have high blood. Excessive amounts of sugar and cholesterol will lead to a stroke and diabetes. Even if your family is not predisposed to diabetes, you should still be careful. Avoid stocking chocolates in the fridge, and feast on fruits instead.

Quit Smoking and Drinking

One of the main side effects of nicotine is tightening the blood vessels. The blood flow becomes limited and can cause high blood. This doesn’t just affect smokers, but those who get second hand smoke. If you are intent on lowering blood pressure, this is one of the best ways to do it.

Drinking has also been shown to affect blood vessels. Drinking in moderation doesn’t cause high blood, but excessive drinking will.


Exercising is also very helpful. First of all, it stimulates chemicals in the body. One of them is nitric oxide, which helps strengthen blood vessels. By working out, you also lose a lot of pounds and fat in the body. You become more mobile and energetic.

Exercising doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym day in and day out. Brisk walking, vacuuming or jogging will do wonders for your heart and blood vessels. This will also help you control your weight. Combined with good dieting, it reduces incidents of stroke and is vital to lowering blood pressure.

Avoid Stress

Steering clear of stressful situations is all important. People who get upset will get high blood. It can be difficult to avoid stress so the best way is to not overreact. Learning how to meditate may also help. It helps you think and analyze the situation more calmly.

Take the Right Medication

If you need medication, consult your doctor. Never self prescribe. It’s okay to do research on your own, but when it comes to taking medicines go to the doctor. They’ll know how much you should take. Also consider getting one of those blood pressure monitors.

These are some of the ways lowering blood pressure can be done. If you follow them, risks of stroke, diabetes and other ailments are reduced.

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