Tips for Building Toothpick Bridges

Before you make one, keep these tips for building toothpick bridges in mind. A lot of the potential troubles will be avoided if you just follow these basic guidelines.

Plan Ahead

If needed, sketch it on paper. There are many different bridge types, so decide beforehand how you want yours to look like. You should also prepare all the materials you’ll need. By getting everything ready, you won’t waste time looking for something.

Take Your Time

If you hurry the process, it’s guaranteed the structure will collapse. This goes not just for the building phase but also when gluing the pieces. Depending on the adhesive you use, it may take a few minutes or several hours for it to dry. Give it time.

Be Patient

Another tip for building toothpick bridges is perseverance. Once you have the design in mind, start building slowly. Don’t get frustrated if it takes longer than you thought it would. Remember, drawing it is one thing, assembling it is another.

Take breaks at regular intervals. This will keep you from tiring out. By staying fresh, you’ll be able to focus on the task fully. Working continuously will tire you out. When fatigue sets in, you’ll make mistakes.

Combine physical and mental exhaustion, and it can have a negative effect on your work. It’s tempting to go ahead when you feel you have momentum, but these breaks are crucial.

Know When to Try Another

You need to be honest with yourself. If the design is not working, it makes no sense to continue on. This is a critical tip for building toothpick bridges. You’ve got to know when to start over.

There are many ways you can determine this. The first is if takes too much time. As you build it, look over the whole structure. You may be too focused on a particular part and lose focus on the entire body. Evaluate it honestly and see if it looks correct.

Test the Toothpick

For flat toothpicks, hold them in the palm of your hand. Roll it. If it doesn’t snap, it’s strong. For round toothpicks, put some pressure on it. Not much, but just a little. If it’s of good quality, it won’t break.

Other Points to Consider

Here are some tips for building toothpick bridges that will last. First, put some height into it. This can make it more durable. Also pay attention to the gaps at the intersections. Don’t just focus on one area. Position each toothpick so that it gets maximum strength.

If the glue takes too long to dry, here is a suggestion. Put some adhesive in small quantities. You need to put on an additional toothpick though. After it has dried, you may proceed to add more glue.

Don’t forget to use test weights. This will give you an idea of how strong the entire structure is.

Even if you have little experience, these tips for building toothpick bridges are easy enough to follow. As long as you are patient, you’ll get it done properly.

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