Tips for Brining a Turkey

Brining is a popular process in cooking in which meats are soaked in brine or solution of salt, minutes or hours before putting on the grill or stove. You can use this process whenever you want to be sure that the meats will not be dried up while cooking. Brining can also be used to preserve fruits, vegetables and meats. This process is very popular in preparing cheeses because brine adds flavor and aroma to the dairy products. One of the types of meats that are commonly soaked in solution of salt is turkey. To ensure that you will serve a delectable turkey recipe, it is important to follow some of the easy tips for brining a turkey.

Brining the Meat Overnight

If you wish to brine a turkey overnight, always remember to remove the tailpiece, neck and giblets. Afterwards, dissolve two cups of kosher salt and a cup of table salt in two gallons of cold water. Soak the turkey in the solution and place inside the refrigerator for at least eight hours and at most 12 hours. If there is not enough space in the refrigerator, you can pour the brine in a ziplock bag and put the bird in the bag before placing inside the refrigerator.

Brining the Bird for Four Hours

If you do not have ample time to brine the meat overnight, you can soak a turkey in a solution of salt for four hours. The procedure is the same when brining a turkey overnight. However, make sure that you double the amount of kosher salt and table salt in the solution. Remove the meat from the solution and wash in running water for several times. Dry before cooking.

Brining for Four Hours without the Use of Refrigerator

To make sure that the meat will not be contaminated even if you do not put it inside the refrigerator, it is important to put four large ice gel packs in the brine. The solution should have four cups of kosher salt, two cups of table salt and two gallons of water. Remember to pour the solution in a large ziplock bag and put the ice gel packs to prevent the meat from losing its natural juices.

Additional Tips

If the turkey does not fit inside the refrigerator, you can pour the brine in an ice cooler and soak the bird in the solution. Do not forget to put the ice cooler in the place where the temperature is at most 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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