Tips and Tricks Pencil Puzzles

Pencil puzzles are fun and enjoyable to play. People of various ages, gender and race are guaranteed to enjoy solving them. These puzzles come in various types such as logic puzzles, word searches and crossword puzzles. Other popular forms include secret codes, mazes and spot the difference, all of which are fun and highly challenging. Here are some simple yet effective pencil puzzle tips and tricks.

Tips for Crossword Puzzles

For crosswords, it is good to start with little ones. Instead of starting right away with super complex puzzles, starting small can actually help a lot. Furthermore, it is also good to enhance your vocabulary skills. In order to do this, be sure to bring a nice pocket dictionary wherever you go. Whenever you come across new words, look them up right away to familiarize yourself with as many words as you can. Try solving the across and downward directions together. According to experts, it is much better to solve crosswords that way than to work all-across and then all-downward directions.

When filling in the blanks, only give sure answers. Giving wrong answers can only reduce your chances of completing the crosswords. Another important tip is to check the theme. Some crosswords usually carry themes. For example, a puzzle about basketball may contain words such as point guard, referees and center. Meanwhile, an Independence Day theme may have answers like flag, parades and patriotism. Moreover, practice always makes perfection.

Tips for Solving Spot the Difference Puzzle

In order to solve a spot the difference puzzle more easily, it is good to put the two images side by side. If the images are arranged one on top of the other, simply rotate the picture until they become side by side. While staring at the images, start crossing your eyes. Once you do this, a third image will appear somewhere in between these two pictures. Try to focus on the middle part. After some time, you will realize that the differences will become luminescent, making it easier to mark all the differences.

Tips for Solving Word Search Puzzles

When searching for specific terms within a word search puzzle, try to look for them one at a time. While doing this, you can find other answers right away. Encircle them right away and then check the words on the list that you have already found. It is good to do things methodically. Start at one particular point and then slowly move your way towards the other parts. One good way is to start from the left-most part of the puzzle, and then slowly move your way, letter by letter until you reach right-most part of it. You can use the same method for the second, third and other succeeding lines.

Solving pencil puzzles is not only fun but also informative. You can learn new words and this is bound to help improve your communication skills. Spotting the difference will hone your concentration power. So, use the above mentioned tips and enjoy solving more fun puzzles!

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