Summer Safety Tips

Summer means having a lot of fun under the sun for a lot of people. These are the months when the adults are usually on vacation and the kids will also be doing a lot of outdoor activities since school is out. Given these circumstances, it has already been observed that many people do get injured during summer.

The following summer safety tips will serve as a guide and a warning regarding the seemingly innocent fun activities we usually engage in during this time of the year:

Summer Safety Tip #1 – Wear a Helmet

People will usually have a lot of outdoor activities during summer. Always remember to wear a helmet whenever you engage in these activities. A helmet saves you from a lot of possible injuries whenever you’re out skateboarding, biking, horseback riding, motor biking etc. Studies show that 85% of most head injuries are prevented by wearing a helmet.

Summer Safety Tip #2 – Preventing Swimming Pool Tragedies

Summer also entails a lot of water fun and time in the pool. Remember to supervise your children when they’re swimming in the pool. There’s nothing wrong with being prepared even for the worst pool emergency. Place barriers and pool and door alarms to avoid unwanted access when no one is using the swimming pool.

Summer Safety Tip #3 – Grill Safety

Gathering around for a barbecue is a great idea during summer. However, it is never a good idea to burn charcoal and cook your barbecue indoors even if you have ventilation. Charcoal produces carbon monoxide that can accumulate up to levels that are toxic for those inside the house, campers, or a tent. Freshly used charcoal should never be stored indoors since they still produce the said fumes until they are extinguished completely.

If you’re cooking outdoors using a gas grill, make sure to check your air tubes. Specifically watch out for blockage caused by spiders and other insects. Food grease also causes blockages to the said tubes leading into the burner. Routinely check your grill hose for any damage, signs of brittleness, cracks, holes, and other possible leak sources.

Summer Safety Tip #4 – Playground Safety

Kids are expected to spend a lot of time on the playground. In fact, 60% of all playground injuries are caused when a child falls. As a precaution, use softer material than asphalt or concrete when constructing your playground. You may use wood chips or mulch to reduce the impact of said injuries.

Summer Safety Tip #5 – Yard Safety

Yard work is also commonplace during the hot summer. Remember to keep your kids away from the lawn when you’re mowing. If ever they get on the lawn then its time for you to turn off your lawn mower. It is never advisable to carry your children while on a riding mower.

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