Sudoku Tips

Sudoku is a puzzle game that involves numbers and a whole lot of logic. The game is made popular in Japan and is easily addictive to those who love puzzles and/or numbers. The idea behind this puzzle game is really very simple, though the solution might not be as simple as you might think.

The puzzle consists of a large square divided into nine smaller regions and each region is divided further into nine cells. Some cells have numbers in them while the rest are blank. The basic idea is to complete a set of the numbers without repeating a number in any given row or column. We have a set of sudoku beginner tips to give them a little bit of a head start in this entertaining puzzle game.

Sudoku Beginner Tips #1 – Learn the Rules

Obviously, if you are only starting to learn the game, your very first step is to find out what the rules are. The curious thing about this puzzle game is that by simply following the rules you can solve the most basic puzzles and get a general feel of how a strategy here might work.

The rules of sudoku are simple:

1. You may only place one number or one digit in a single cell selecting from the numbers one to nine.
2. A given number should appear only once in a given three by three region on the layout.
3. A given number should appear only once in a given row.
4. A number should only appear only once in a given row.

Sudoku Beginner Tips #2 – Start at the Level Suited for Your Skill/Experience

Our next sudoku beginner tip is to solve puzzles suited for your skill level. Though the game of sudoku is quite addictive, it will immediately lose its appeal if you start with the really tough puzzles when you’re just starting to learn the game. Beginners should start with beginner level puzzles. You will only end up frustrated if you go for the tougher advanced puzzles if you’re still learning the game.

Sudoku Beginner Tips #3 – Bring Out Your Pencil

You will obviously make mistakes doing your first few puzzles. A great way to keep your game neat is by using a pencil and an eraser. It’s going to whack your brain if you try to remember what possible numbers you can put in each cell. So, the idea is to jot every possible number inside each box and use your eraser in case you make mistakes.

Sudoku Beginner Tips #4 – Keep Learning

As you go on along having fun and solving one puzzle at a time, you will surely come across various techniques to solve sudoku puzzles. Keep reading more about the game at your own pace.

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