Spring Cleaning Tips

Known as a period during spring when people living in areas with cold climate do general cleaning in their houses, spring cleaning is a Jewish practice that originated several centuries before the Persian culture was known. To prepare your house for the upcoming season and to make sure that you remove all the dirt and foul odor in your place, you can follow some of the most useful spring cleaning tips that are mentioned below.

Major Spots

If you are doing a spring cleaning, there are major spots that you need to look at and clean. It is important that you swat doormats with a broom. If you think that the mats need further cleaning, you can wash and dry the mats. Aside from doormats, you should also look at carpets and upholstery since these usually absorbs body oil, dirt and germs. When cleaning the carpets, always check the shampoo that you will use because it can contain strong chemicals that can damage the fabric used in carpets. You can also apply car wax on carpets after putting shampoo and washing.

If you are cleaning the upholstery of couches, make sure that you do not wet the legs of the furniture. To dry the furniture fast, open all the windows in the area of the house where the couch is placed. If you do not have ample time to clean the upholstery and carpets, you can contact and hire professionals to do the cleaning.

Finishing and Protecting the Floors

Finishing the floors is important to protect from damages. To clean the floors easily, you can use a wash-and-wax cleaner. Always remember to follow the instructions in the label of the cleaner. If the floors in your kitchen do not need to be waxed, it is best to apply a protective buffer to make the floors look shiny. To clean and polish wood floors, you need to use a paste or liquid polish as well as a wood cleaner.

Washing of Walls and Woodworks

The best way of washing the walls is by using a hand dishwashing detergent as well as a sponge mop. The mop is helpful in reaching the top part of the walls. Do not forget to rinse the walls and woodworks. Dry with a clean rug or any clean cloth.

Cleaning Light Fixtures

Use an all-purpose cleaner when cleaning light fixtures. To make sure that you clean the fixtures well, you can purchase a stepladder in local hardware stores to reach the fixtures. Do not forget to dry the fixtures with a clean cloth.

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