Small Eyes Makeup Tips

Some people have small eyes that are smaller in proportion to other facial features. In order to have a more balanced look, they can use makeup to make their eyes appear bigger than usual. However, this task is quite challenging especially for those who know very little about cosmetics. Make yourself more beautiful and attractive with the help of these small eyes makeup tips.

Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

If you wish to purchase an eye shadow, buy one with a light pastel color. If you have small eyes, apply it on your eyelids. Somewhere near the creases, use medium-toned eye shadow. If you wish to make your eyes look more prominent, use highlighting shade below the eyebrows. In addition, use eyeliner with soft color to line the lower and upper eyelids. Put black mascara both on the lower and upper eyelashes. Follow these simple tips and have beautiful looking eyes.

Additional Mascara Tips for Bigger Looking Eyes

One of the cosmetics that can help you make small eyes look bigger is mascara. To make this happen, curl your lashes first. Get black mascara and then coat your curled eyelashes. Apply two extra coats at most to the outer part or the lower and upper lashes.

Additional Eyeliner Tips for Visually Bigger Eyes

If you wish to you eyeliner instead of mascara, get a soft-colored variant and then use it to line the lower and upper eyelids. Begin somewhere above the iris and continue all the way to the outer corner of the eye. Make the line look slightly upward. Do not use lines that are thick black because they can actually make your eyes look smaller. To soften the look, match it with eye shadow. On the inner rims of the eyes, apply white eyeliner instead of darker variants.

Eye Shadow Tips to Make Eyes Appear Bigger

When using eye shadow, be sure to limit the colors you are using to three kinds, especially if you have smaller eyes. Your eyes will appear bigger if you use the lightest color because it brightens and opens up the eyes. Apply it starting from the inner corner all the way to the middle part of the eyelids. Use highlight starting from the inner part of the lower eyelid all the way to the middle part. This will make the eyes look wider.

Add a little depth to your eyes by using medium-colored eye shadow. Right on the crease of your lid, use medium color and then blend well. To add more shape, you can use intense-colored eye shadow.

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