Skateboarding Tips for Beginners

Skateboarding might perk one’s interest due to the acrobatic display of pros like Tony Hawk, Jean Postek, and Steve Caballero. It is both an art and an individual sport that attracts fans of all ages. If you happen to have that desire to get on a board and go ollying the first time then we have some skateboarding tips for beginners that might come in handy.

Skateboarding Tips for Beginners #1 – How to Start

Like every sport, skateboarding has its own set of over eager enthusiasts. You’ll find those who want to start ollying the first time they get on a skateboard. Don’t ever try to start with an ollie but instead go for the basics – get comfortable riding around on a skateboard.

Skateboarding Tips for Beginners #2 – Get to Know Your Board

You should know your skateboard, know what the parts are called, and at least learn how to assemble a board. Buying a really expensive board at first is not recommended for beginners. It’ll be a big waste of money if you end up not wanting to pursue skateboarding when you’ve already bought a really expensive board. At least start with a good board and then buy a really expensive one when you feel you really want to pursue this sport.

Skateboarding Tips for Beginners #3 – Learn to Push Off

Push off simply means pushing yourself forward on the ground while on your skateboard. A common difficulty you might experience is your board going ahead of you. To correct this particular problem, you should avoid pushing when both your feet are parallel to each other. Your pushing foot should step forward in front of the food on the board and then push back. This movement should be as smooth as walking.

Skateboarding Tips for Beginners #4 – Watch Your Stance

While you’re at the point of learning how to ride around on a board, you might as well try to figure out if you are regular, goofy, or mongo footed. Being regular footed means you are most comfortable having your left foot forward while on your board. Goofy footed means that you have your right foot forward instead.

A mongo footed boarder simply means that you are most comfortable pushing off using the back foot instead of having the front foot do it. If you figure out that you are mongo footed, you should correct this as soon as possible. If this has already felt too natural for you then you ought to spend time correcting it. You’ll have trouble setting up tricks with a mongo foot.

Skateboarding Tips for Beginners #5 – Turning/Stopping

Now that you know how to move forward, you should basically learn how to turn and how stop while on your skateboard. Turning basically requires adding more weight to your heels and/or toes. To make sharper turns practice lifting the front wheels as briefly as possible and then aim the board in the direction you want to go.

There are two ways to stop while on a skateboard. You can use a tail stop, which is basically just grinding the tail end of your skateboard on the ground, which practically wears out your board in due time. The second is to make a reverse push, which is using your pushing foot to make little stops as it pushes in the other direction your board is going.

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