Skateboard Trick Tips

Skateboarding is definitely one of the most exciting and fun activities today. Kids, teenagers and even adults who are adventurous just cannot resist engaging in such wonderful sport. Although some of its tricks are extremely difficult, being able to do them is truly a very satisfying experience. Let’s take a closer look at this extremely entertaining sport including these simple and highly effective skateboard trick tips.

How to Execute a Kickflip

A kickflip is one of the most exciting stunts in skateboarding. It is one of the basic tricks, but definitely the hardest in that particular level. For beginners who want to elevate their game, they need to master this trick before they can go up to a more respectable level. Before you can do a kickflip, you first need to do an Ollie. As you go up in the air, use either one of your foot to flick the skateboard. By doing this, the board will spin at least once. After that, land comfortably with the board back to its original position and then simply ride away. Regular practice can help you achieve a flawless execution.

How to Execute a Shuvit

A shuvit is another popular trick in this sport. While riding your skateboard, jump in the air. Do it without spinning as the board spins right below you. You can actually make the board spin once, twice or even thrice, depending on how long you stay in the air. After that, ensure a safe landing as the board goes back to its original position as you ride away. There is another variation of this move called pop-shuvit. Compared to a regular shuvit, the skateboard pops right into the air while making this move. Basically, it combines the elements of an Ollie and a shuvit.

How to Perform an Indy Grab

An Indy grab is one of the easiest tricks for beginners who wish to do something special on the skateboard rink. While riding your skateboard, do a high jump and while in the air, reach and grab the edge of the middle part of the skateboard. Hold on to that part and before landing. As you land on the floor, slowly let go of it and then ride away conveniently. This particular trick is very popular in the world of skateboarding. Participants usually do this simple but definitely fun-to-watch trick whether in major competitions or just in any ordinary skateboarding event. Whether on the ramps or on the streets, this is definitely one of the easiest tricks in the book.

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