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Everyone who owns a website or a blog should make search engine optimization one of their concerns. After all, how do you expect people to find out about what’s on your site if they can’t find your site or blog on the Internet. We’ve jotted down some of the common and not so common SEO tips you might get in order to get better optimized your search engine rankings.

SEO Tip #1 – Glory to the Bold!

Since fortune, as the adage goes, favors the bold, so should your site also have its key words in bold type face as well. You should have your key words highlighted in bold in every page where it is found. However, remember that you shouldn’t over do it. Doing it once or twice for every page is quite enough.

SEO Tip #2 – The Power of Newsletters

Look for ezine publishers that make archives of their ezines. Offer to create articles to add to their collection and make it a habit to make links along with your articles. Often enough, the links in your ezines will stay in the archives for many years. This will boost the chances of someone finding your site and get better search engine optimization.

SEO Tip #3 – Deep Linking

When you have different sites linking to your site, make sure they link to as many different pages on your site as possible. Never concentrate them on one page, let alone on the home page only. Links concentrated only on one page of your site will either signal it as automatically generated links or that your site has very little content that is of value. The more pages of your site get linked to would mean that your site has more valuable and worthwhile content. This translates to better search engine optimization.

SEO Tip #4 – Use Multiple Domains

Your site will eventually have various topics that are related or would provide supporting content. Instead of having one site tackle both related topics, you can have another domain dedicated to the other topic. You’ll get twice as much on listings in a search engine and you’ll get double the amount of directory listings and getting better search engine optimization. The only drawback to this is the cost of keeping two domains.

SEO Tip #5 – Use a Site Map

Ever large site should always have its own site map. Your site map will then have links to every page on your site. This will eventually help search engine bots to find every single page you have on your site on only just a couple of clicks. This method is also recommended for smaller sites. However, instead of a site map, you should use a navigation bar to get better search engine optimization.

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SEO Tips

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