Search Engine Submission Tips

Search engine submission basically describes how webmasters would submit web sites to various search engines directly. It is generally seen as a way to promote one’s web site and get it listed in a search engine. Since the major search engines of today use spiders, bots, and crawlers, search engine submission services are seen as obsolete and are generally unnecessary. However, there are a few things regarding search engine submission that will still help you promote your site.

The Why of Search Engine Submission

There are a couple of good reasons why a web master should submit their web sites to various search engines. The first reason is to add an entirely new site to search engines instead of waiting for crawlers to discover such online sites. This is a good reason for those who don’t want to wait for about a month – and they can immediately make steps toward promoting their web site. The second reason is to update a page already listed in a particular search engine.

Search Engine Submission Tips

One of the first things you might want to consider is to create a site map. The first method you can use to submit your web site is to do it page by page. Of course, this process is laborious if you have a really huge site you want to promote that has several hundred pages of information on it.

Using a sitemap will help you get past this laborious process of submitting one page of your web site at a time. A sitemap will contain a host of links and would greatly aid a search engine’s bot or crawler to find all the pages on your web site. Another option would be to simply just submit your home page. However, that will be helpful depending on how you designed your homepage.

Other things you can try to help with your submission can also help promote your site. For instance, make sure that your title tags would include keywords and will be about 60 characters long. Since some search engines recognize header tags it will be a big help to your site to have them.

One tip on keyword usage is to have them present within the text area of your pages. Make sure they will be located at the very beginning of each page and at the start of a sentence. The important thing is that your keywords are located at the very top of the page. Keep your keyword Meta tags up to 15 to 20 characters only else your site might be flagged for spamming. All these will your site both in search engine submission and site promotion.

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