Search Engine Ranking Tips

When people submit queries in search engines it will often turn up several thousand matches for the key word used. However, do take note that only around ten matching web pages will be displayed on the very first page of the results. Average Internet users will only look at the first ten pages at most when checking out their search results.

Those who own or operate web sites will naturally want to be in the top ten in search results. Being in the lower pages will simply and naturally mean that more people will tend to miss seeing your web site. This is where search engine ranking tips come into play.

This is a lofty and profitable goal even if you only nearly achieve it and just improve your ranking close enough to the top ten from the bottom. The search engine ranking tips below will cover both the keywords you anticipated as important and those that you hardly thought were.

Picking Keywords

This is our first search engine ranking tip. Keywords basically are what you think people will type on their search engines to look for information on the web. The keywords commonly entered in a query should become your target in order to get better ranks in searches.

So, for instance, you have a stamp collecting site you want to promote. Normally, users will type ‘stamp collecting’ on a search engine to look for a relevant site on the subject. Your site should have these keywords in order to boost your ranking. However, you should not devote your entire site to only one search word or key phrase. Use other related search phrases like ‘stamp history’. Two or more words making up your keywords should be your standard when choosing them.

Positioning Keywords

Our next search engine ranking tip is all about positioning your keywords. It is not enough to place key search words on your pages. How these search words are placed on your site also plays a part. Crucial locations include the title tag, your page’s headline, and in the very first paragraphs of your site. You should also position keywords on the left column of a two-column page or before or above a table if you have one on one page.

Relevant Content

This is an important search engine ranking tip you might want to take seriously. It isn’t enough to have your search word appearing in the right places. Your keywords should also be reflected on the content of your site. That having been said, never spam your keywords or you risk getting lower ranks.

These search engine ranking tips are things you can do on your own without hiring an SEO professional or specialist. Choose and use search words and phrases properly in order to get better rankings.

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