Running Tips

These running tips are aimed mostly at beginners. But even if you’ve been at it for awhile, some of the suggestions here might offer you a better way of doing things.


It’s true that anyone can just get up and run. To get the most benefits though, you need to train. This will allow you to gain strength and be able to go longer distances. If you’ve never run seriously before, start slowly.

Cover only short distances. If you try to go too fast or run too long, you’ll feel tired. You’ll experience shortness of breath. You will also feel soreness, particularly at the knees. An essential running tip therefore is to start slowly.

Rushing into things never helps. Don’t worry about other people being able to run more than you can. Stick with what you can do.


If you’re joining competitions, here are a few pointers. First you shouldn’t put any coins in your pockets. They’ll make an irritating sound. Also you should stay in line. Since you joined the group, make an effort to stay with the pack. Don’t stray off on your own. And don’t forget to say thanks to those at the aid stations.

Proper Nutrition

It’s true you’ll get in shape once you start running. But eating right will help accelerate the process. There are a lot of sports drinks to choose from, but water is still essential. The reason why this is one of the best running tips is that water replenishes your body in a natural way. If you’re going for the sports drinks, choose those with electrolytes.

Eating right is also important. Eat well before and after the activity. However you shouldn’t take anything spicy. It may cause indigestion. After eating, let some time pass before you warm up and run.

Injury Prevention Guide

The weather plays a factor. Avoid places where it is too hot, or limit it to short distances. Do not run in the rain.

There are anti blister lotions available. Put some of those on especially if it’s hot or if you’ll be working out for a long stretch. It’s also important to increase the mileage slowly. At most 10% a week will be fine.

Other running tips include alternating between hard and soft runs. Going for extended runs everyday will lead to injury.

If you’re constantly getting leg injuries, set your training on soft trails. You can run on the hard / asphalt surfaces on the actual race. Ice your joints after each race. But keep it under 25 minutes on each body part.

Safety Rules

If cyclists go by the area, keep an eye on them. If you listen to music, keep the volume low so you’ll hear someone or a vehicle behind you. It’s also a good idea to have an identification card. Accidents can happen anytime.

These running tips will help a newbie get started on the right track. Again, there’s no need to rush. As the saying goes, it’s not how you start; it’s how you finish that counts.

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