Runescape Tips

One of the most famous and interesting multiplayer online games developed by Jagex Ltd., Runescape incorporates three-dimensional images and figures. The game has a fantasy theme that features different cities, regions and kingdoms. If you are not familiar but interested in playing this online game, then there are important Runescape tips that you need to follow to be acquainted with the players and to enjoy the game at the most.

Registering an Account

In order to play this game, you need to go to the website of Runescape and create an account at the site. When registering, you can choose from two kinds of accounts offered by the operator of the game. You can register a free non-member account or create a full member account.

When you open a free account, the places that you can visit and explore in the game are limited. In addition, you will also have a hard time improving the skill levels of your character. On the other hand, if you open a full member account, you can easily upgrade your skill levels. By upgrading the skill level, you will not have problems fighting against other players and creatures in the game.

Acquiring More Gold

One of the main objectives of players of Runescape is to acquire gold. To get gold in the game, you need to eliminate all the rats that you will see at Lummbrige. Aside from getting gold, when you kill the rats at the place, you can also level up your skill level. As soon as you increase your level, you should go to the sewers in Faladoor and kill zombies to get gold.

If you want to increase your gold, you can also improve your mining skills. When your mining skills have reached level 30, it is important that you get a nice and useful axe. After getting an axe, you must finish the Rune Mysteries Quest. To complete the quest, it is necessary to have 1000 rune essence. As soon as you have the rune essence required, you can start making Fire Rune. Fire Rune is in demand in Runescape because it is very useful in the Firebolt Spell. Sell some of the Fire Rune to get profits.

Finally, if you want to get more gold, you can use the Fire Rune that you have created to improve your magic skills. When your magic skills have reached the level in which you can use the Firebolt Spell when combating against other players in the wilderness, do not hesitate to use the spell to beat your opponent. You will get loot from defeating other players. Sell it to acquire gold.

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