Romantic Tips

Whether you’ve been together for two months or 15 years, these romantic tips should keep the passions aflame. If you feel that some of the love is lacking, these suggestions should bring back the sparkle.

The Little Gestures Count

Call her from work and ask if she needs anything. Compliment her when she gets her hair done. If she’s cleaning the dishes, offer to help her. Give her a kiss before you go to work. Don’t forget to say “I love you”. These may seem like small things, or even insignificant. But they’re not. These are the things that show her you care and that you love her.

Bring Her Flowers

One of the most traditional romantic tips is to give the lady flowers. This is something that never goes out of style. On her month’s birthday, present her with a bouquet of flowers every day. Add a note saying how much you love her. Aside from flowers, you can give her romantic cards through her email or cell phone.

Don’t Wait for Special Occasions

There’s no need to wait for Valentine’s Day to send her those flowers and chocolates. Give it to her when she least expects it. While she’s sleeping, leave the box of chocolates by her side.

When she’s at work, fill her room with flowers. It’ll be a nice surprise when she gets home. Again, these romantic tips aren’t just for special holidays or birthdays. If she asks what’s the occasion, tell her that every day with her is a special occasion.

Other Tips

On your anniversary you can go on another honeymoon. You can take her to the beach or on an island resort. Take her to a classy restaurant and have a candlelight dinner. Equally tender would be a candlelight dinner at home, just the two of you.

There are so many ways you can keep the love alive. Write down a love quote or poem. Leave it on the pillow so when she wakes she’ll see it.

Women like to go window shopping. Remember the items she mentions that she’d love to have. Don’t tell her you’re going to buy it right then. Instead purchase it a little later. This is one of the most romantic tips. She’ll appreciate it even more, knowing that you actually noted it down.

Do the Things You Used to Do

For married couples, make sure you give time to each other. Set aside time on the weekend to go to the movies or the park. Did you two used to send each other romantic text or email messages? Watch the sun go down by the bay? Or did you take leisurely strolls along the park? There’s no reason you can’t do it again just because you’re together now.

Experiencing these activities will bring back memories. Take the time to reminisce. These alone can go a long way to keeping the passion alive.

Aside from these romantic tips, try to spend as much quality time
with your partner as possible. There’s no such thing as showing too much passion, so shower your partner with love as often as you can.

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