Putting Tips

Here are some putting tips you can use to improve this part of your game. No doubt golf requires you to work on various elements, but getting better on this aspect increases your chances of winning considerably.

Narrow Stance

The way you position your body is critical. Ideally the feet should be close together. Keeping the feet about the same or less the width of the hips is recommended. Your distance from the ball is also crucial. You mustn’t be too far off. This is necessary so you can make strokes that will go straight through. This is needed if
the hole is not of a considerable distance.

At the same time try not to get too close. If you do, you’re apt to swing the club beyond the target line. A good putting tip is this one: if you were to drop the ball from your nose area, it’ll be on the target line.

When making the swing, the weight is usually shifted to the left foot. For the follow through, the right foot will be the main driving force.

Positioning the Ball

A good place to set it would be in the midst of the left instep and your stand. This is an attractive choice for many reasons. One is that it allows the clubhead to measure up to the target. In terms of angle approach, leveling out becomes easy. It also allows for good follow through.

Holding the Club

No guide to putting tips would be complete without mentioning how to hold the club. Most new players make the mistake of holding it too tightly. What you should do is hold the club so you can swing it comfortably. Tightness has nothing to do with how well you can swing it. It’s more about how comfortable you are with holding it. Putting your right little finger on the golf club will help.

The Stroke

The key is to move the clubhead via your balance point. This is more effective than relying on the pressure of your grip. Of course, it’s also important that you maintain a fine balance in your body to help guide the ball through.

Other Putting Tips

One of the best ways to hit the ball right is to maintain a forward press. What you want is to put the putter handle so that it comes in front of the putter face. One of the problems new golfers face is that of lofting. This makes the ball slide out of place when hit. With the forward press, you will avoid this predicament.

Find a good putter that works for you. They come in various sizes and shapes. You don’t need to use the ones that other players use. Just pick the ones that you are most comfortable with. As important as balance and skill is your comfort level.

Mastering the game requires effort. But you can use these putting tips to give your game a lift. Once you got this down pat, you would have taken critical steps to raising your skill level.

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