Priceline Tips

Priceline is an international corporation that is known to operate an interesting and popular website that assists people who want to get discounts for hotel accommodations as well as airline tickets. In order to offer efficient services to computer users and travelers, the company tied up with other travel companies and organizations that operate commercial web pages such as Agoda, Booking as well as Active Hotels Limited. Many computer users visit the site of Priceline because they can get low rates on airline tickets and accommodations. For those who are new to the website, below are some of the Priceline tips that they can follow to get discounts and affordable hotel and airline ticket rates.

Bidding on Hotels

To get affordable hotel rates at Priceline, travelers should place their bids for a particular hotel. The bidding time ends at 11 in the evening. To guide and help them make the most appropriate bid, the site provides detailed information on the amenities and star ranking of hotels. Here are some tips that can help travelers make the best bid.

It is important to compare hotel rates at different websites. To ensure travelers that Priceline offers the lowest rates on hotels, it provides 100 per cent refund to those who can find lower rates in other websites. After comparing the prices, computer users should also consider the seasons and days. There are seasons when hotels provide special offers and discounts to travelers and there are days when the rates in hotels are higher. For instance, rates during weekends are higher in most hotels featured at Priceline. Travelers can increase their bids if they plan to stay in a hotel during peak season or weekends.

Do not forget the rules for hotel bidding. Travelers are only allowed to bid once a day. They can only rebid if they plan to change the date, location as well as the star rating of the hotel where the travelers want to stay.

Bidding on Last Minute Airline Tickets

Travelers who want to bid on last minute airline tickets should have ideas about the average prices of tickets at the time they plan to travel. It is also important to look for the costs of advance purchased airline tickets. In most instances, bidders for last minute airline tickets, add 10 per cent to 15 percent to the cost of advance purchased tickets. However, it is important to increase the bid if there are only few flights available for that date as well as the travel time is included in the peak season. Above all, it is best to increase the bid if there are no alternative airports for the flight.

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