Pinewood Derby Tips

The popularity of pinewood derby has gone a long way since its inception as an annual event for the Boy Scout of America’s Cub Scouts. Today, kids and their parents continue to enjoy such excellent tradition. In order to win this special racing event, they need to build super fast cars that can beat opponents. Follow these simple pinewood derby tips and have lightweight, fast and beautiful miniature cars.


There are certain things to remember if you wish your car to have the right quickness. According to experts in this field, racers can obtain the maximum speed for their cars if they make them as heavy as possible. The rules of the game state that a single car must not weigh more than 5 pounds. If this is the heaviest weight possible for your car, try to make it 5 pounds or somewhere very close to this limit. By doing this, obtaining the maximum speed is definitely not a problem. However, be sure not to exceed the limit because it can lead to disqualification.

Aside from the weight, you can do other things to obtain the best speed possible. This is where aerodynamics can help. To fight off air friction, one must shape the car based on the principles of aerodynamics. If you can do this, your car is guaranteed to slice its way through the air and avoid air friction. Another thing, check your wheels and make sure to use the right lubricants. More importantly, this can minimize rolling friction.


In addition to speed, it is also important to have the right shape of car for this kind of event. To reduce air friction, make your car high in the back and low in front. When cutting the block of wood according to your desired shape, a coping saw is the right instrument for the job. More importantly, kids can use it safely compared to a band saw. When the cutting process is over, you can use coarse sandpaper or a wood file to smooth out your car. Make sure that your car weighs close to 5 pounds to obtain maximum speed. If your car is not heavy enough, purchase lead weight from local hobby shops and then add them to the car until you reach a desirable weight.


When all the important parts are in place, paint the car with whatever color you want. You can also add a number on it as well as other interesting and catchy designs. To achieve a glossy result, paint the car with at least three different light coats. Be sure to let each coat dry out completely before painting the next coat.

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