Photoshop Tips

One of the most powerful graphics software used by many computer users, Adobe Photoshop is known as the top image manipulation application in present times. Computer experts have identified this program as the leading standard that should be followed by graphics professionals. This software is very useful for photographers as well as for graphic analysts. This program can also be used to create invitations, programs, tarpaulins and billboards. If you want to explore the various uses of this application, listed below are some of the basic but useful Photoshop tips that you can follow.

Masking Tips

Masking is a very useful technique in improving the appearance of a photograph. This technique allows computer users to isolate objects and remove background and unnecessary images in the picture. To remove pixels that have similar colors, you can use the magic eraser approach. This approach is easy to use and it will not erase other necessary objects in the picture. To do this, you need to increase the setting of Tolerance to 72 and mark the Contiguous box. Place the marker on the color that you want to erase and right click. You can always undo something if you commit mistakes.

Adding Text

One of the advantages of using this computer graphics application is that you can add text to clipart or image. To add text, you need to choose a foreground color and mark the type tool on the clipart. When the Text dialog box appears, check if the Anti Alliasing was set to crisper and easy to read type option. Check the text box and choose a typeface. Select ok.

After adding text, you can save the file to Photoshop 3 or PaintShop Pro. To save the image to Photoshop 3, choose Mode/Indexed and then Image/Mode/Indexed. Afterwards, make sure that you save the image using the .gif format.

Charcoal Appearance

If you want to make a charcoal image with the use of Photoshop, the first thing to do is to open the picture that you like to edit. Make a new layer by pressing Shift+ctrl+N. Fill it with the shade of the charcoal paper that you will use. At the toolbar, choose filter, stylize and then Glowing Edges filter. To make sure that you will create a charcoal image, you need to check the image setting by selecting the image tab, adjustments and then desaturate. Afterwards, click the layer mask and use the motion blur effect. Choose paper layer and apply new fill layer.

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