Photo Tips

Buying the most expensive and feature laden camera isn’t a guarantee that the pictures will come out great. Although cameras can automate a lot of tasks, the photographer’s skill is still what counts. Keep these photo tips in mind and give those images a more polished look.

Eye to Eye

Adjust the camera so it levels with the person being photographed. This helps in two ways. Number one it creates balance and helps you focus. Number two, it creates a link between the subject and the camera / photographer. If the subject is looking at the camera, it can generate more intensity. The link between the subject and the camera makes it easy to move from one pose to another.

Even if the subject doesn’t look at the camera, this is still one of the most efficient photo tips around. When someone looks at the picture, this balance will immerse one in the image.

Keep the Background Simple

This is true for both portrait and natural landscape pictures. In portraits, try to keep the background simple. This will help the viewer focus on the main subject. A busy background is very distracting. If you’re shooting natural or outdoor scenes, pick a focal point. Whatever it is (boat, tree, waterfall etc.) make sure that nothing will veer attention from it.

Use Fill or Flash Mode

Most cameras have fill flash and / or full flash modes. Here are some photo tips to consider. If the sun is very bright, use the fill flash. If you’re more than five feet away, turn it to full mode. This is very useful for getting rid of unwanted shadows.

Some cameras let you use this feature to brighten up cloudy outdoor scenes. Check the display panel first. In some cases, you don’t need to turn on the fill flash on overcast days.

Taking Pictures of Small Objects

Of course you’ll want to zoom in when photographing small objects. In this case you have to keep two things in mind. One is to keep the background clear and second, to zoom in close enough to fill the image with the subject. Be careful when using this photo tip; close up shots will show detail. Too close though (less than 3 ft) will blur the object.

Moving from the Middle Point

Most pictures have the subject in the center point. But you can make yours more attractive by just moving it a little to the left or right. Use the viewfinder to make the appropriate adjustments. When the subject is in the right place, lock the focus.

To do this, press the shutter about halfway through. Move the camera until the subject is in the proper spot. Now take the picture.

One final thing: don’t shoot for objects beyond the flash range. That’s anywhere between 10 to 15 ft. Check the user guide. If you do, those beyond the range will be dim.

To take great pictures, a quality camera and the right techniques are needed. Using some of these photo tips, you’ll be able to shoot and present images like the pros.

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