Personal Hygiene Tips

Below are some personal hygiene tips that can help you be free of diseases. By keeping yourself clean, you also create a good impression among other people, both at work and home.

Washing Hands

This is one of the most effective ways of keeping disease away. When you wash, use soap and clean water. Make sure you also clean the wrist section too. Clean the nails of dirt. The times to wash your hands will be after using the bathroom, before eating and after holding pets or animals.

Also clean up after gardening, holding someone who is ill, changing diapers and also when you touch trash cans. This is one of the most basic personal hygiene tips, but it’s very effective.

Taking a Bath

Take a shower once a day. If it’s very hot or you have done a lot of work, you can do it twice. Take care not to use very cold water because you might get a cold. It’s also a good idea if you use your own towel.

Wash it regularly. Mild soap is best, because overly fragrant soaps may cause skin allergies. Scrub your body well, and be sure to wash off the shampoo thoroughly. Try different shampoos to find the right one for you.

Brushing Your Teeth

Brush your teeth thoroughly. At the very least it should be twice a day. If you can do it after every meal, that’s even better. Other vital personal hygiene tips include brushing after eating something very sweet or spicy. It helps remove the smell and keeps food from sticking in the teeth.

Brisk brushing is recommended, but make sure the toothbrush is soft. Afterwards, rinse with some water. There are also mouthwashes available you can use. While mouthwashes are good, excessive use may be harmful.

Some who use it too often might get mouth ulcers. This is especially true if the mouthwash is very strong.
Don’t forget to change the brush at least every three months. A worn out toothbrush won’t clean your teeth effectively.

Other Suggestions

Cut your nails at least once a week. Remove any dirt that may accumulate there. Removing earwax at least every two weeks is okay. However be careful when removing the wax. Pushing it too deeply might damage your ear drums. Other personal hygiene tips include applying deodorant and putting alcohol on your hands after holding something dirty.

It follows of course that you need to clean your surroundings too. Replace the sponge you use in the kitchen to avoid food particles and dirt from accumulating. When cooking, wash your hands before mixing food or holding utensils. After using the utensils, wash them.

Hyper Cleanliness

While cleanliness is important, it’s critical that you don’t get too carried away. Medical research shows that when a person is too clean (hyper cleanliness), the immune system is weakened. This makes an individual very susceptible to allergies and ailments.

Personal hygiene tips are essential for keeping yourself healthy. As long as it is done appropriately, you’ll be able to shun a majority of common diseases.

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