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Whether you use them for work, play or staying in touch with friends, the computer has become a vital tool in homes and the workplace. With these PC tips, you can make the most out of it and your time.

Install an Antivirus Program

Viruses and Trojan Horses are more prevalent than ever before. For this reason, you should install an antivirus software in your computer. There is no need to worry about paying a high price. There are a lot of efficient yet free applications out there. If you’re a network administrator, it is mandatory to have one. This is the best way you can ensure the safety of your data.

You shouldn’t be lulled into thinking that you don’t need it. This is actually one of the most vital PC tips you can get. The reason is that even if you don’t use pirate software, you can still get infected.

A colleague or friend might send you an email attachment with a virus. He or she doesn’t know it’s there. You don’t either. When you open the file, it will get in your computer and cause havoc.

There are also other malicious programs you should steer clear from. These are malware or adware. These applications insert programs in your computer. It allows them to track your whereabouts online. You can install an anti spyware program to ward them off.

Run Scandisk and Defrag

Other useful PC tips are scanning and defragging your hard disk. Over time, that hard disk will get worn down. It will develop bad sectors or clusters.

If your files get stuck in those bad clusters, they might get corrupted. You might not be able to access them. By scanning your hard disk, these bad sectors will be detected. Your files won’t be stored there.

Defragging makes access to your applications faster. The contents of your hard disk get cluttered. Defragging puts everything in order. What it does is to put all those software you use frequently in an easy to access location. This allows the computer to retrieve them quicker. The results are faster loading times.

These two PC tips are essential. However they do take a while. If you have a large hard disk, it can take a couple of hours or more to scan and defrag. Schedule it when you are done with your work. Once a month is okay. Windows has a built in disk scanner and defrag utility. There are also commercially available ones.

Back up Your Files

This is one suggestion you need to follow always. Whether you back it up weekly, monthly or every day, just do it. If you value those documents, make a copy.

The truth is that no matter how well you can take care of your computer, it will break down one day. The hard disk might fail, a virus might strike etc. By having updated copies of your files, these problems will be avoided.

These PC tips are basic, yet critical. By following them, you’ll get to use your computer more proficiently.

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Pc Tips

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