Parallel Parking Tips

In the absence of sufficient parking spaces as well as facilities, parallel parking can help motorists put their vehicles in highly convenient and safe spots. Perfect for people working in metropolitan areas, it can help them squeeze cars even in tight spaces. Despite these benefits, patience, practice and determination can eventually help people master this special driving skill. Let’s take a quick look at these simple parallel parking tips.

First Step

Maneuvering a car is not that easy, it usually takes a year or so of driving experience before people can master it. This skill is greatly needed especially when parking in a parallel manner. Look for a spot with a space enough to accommodate the length of your car. If you find one, approach the space and then move your car halfway into it. Once you inched in closer, continue driving all the way out of the space. After this step, the back end of your car must face the space directly.

Second Step

After establishing your first position, turn the driving wheel slowly all the way to the right. Put your car into reverse and then back down slowly right into the space.

Third Step

While backing, be aware of the positions of the two other cars. Once your right side mirror lines up with the bumper of the car in front of your spot, turn the stirring wheel slowly until it goes to a straight position again.

Fourth Step

Continue to move your way backwards. Once you notice that the front end of your car has obtained sufficient space to maneuver, start turning the stirring wheel towards the left and into the free spot for a safe and secured parking.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

This is not an easy thing to do. Beginners have yet to master the sizes, length and handling of their cars. Practice is very important for new drivers to familiarize themselves with the movements, speed and directionality of their cars. When you hit the curb, it means that you were not able to straighten the wheel at some point in the process. It can also mean that you are turning left too fast.

If your car is not yet parallel to the curb completely, you can drive forward in order to establish a better position. After parking your car properly, be sure to do all the appropriate measures. Pull up the hand brake and then set the gear selector on P, which stands for park. Nicely turn the engine off and then take the key with you. Always look for incoming traffic before opening your door to prevent accidents. Lastly, lock you car before going.

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