Motorcycle Tips – Shifting Gears

One of the major challenges that new motorbike riders face is making gear changes. Those used to auto gear changes in cars will also face some difficulties. But these tips for shifting gears on motorcycles should remove some of the complexities associated with it.

The Fundamentals

A review of the basic components will help in explaining how the parts work. First is the throttle, which revs up the engine. Then there is the clutch, which is connected with the transmission.

The gear selector allows you to choose the gears. Typically the layout of the gear pattern is as follows: 6th gear, 5th gear, all the way to 2nd gear. There is neutral and then the first gear.

Pulling the clutch lets you rev the engine without making the bike move. If you want to move it, let go of the clutch while in gear.

Practice Makes Perfect

Any tips for shifting gears on motorcycles should start with the technique. Pull the clutch towards you. Use your left foot to choose the desired gear. Use your right hand to turn the throttle. This will rev the engine. Let go of the clutch while you feather the throttle. The acceleration will begin.

The key is to keep practicing. Do it in a safe place like an unused parking lot. As always, be safe when you practice it.

When to Change Gears

There is no specific time when this should take place. It is entirely up to the driver. As you ride the bike, you’ll know by feel when it’s time to make the shift. The reason there’s no standard time for altering gears is that engines power up at different rpms.

Getting Into Neutral

An important tip for shifting gears on motorcycles involves getting into neutral. Most bikes will show a green light indicating it’s in neutral. If there’s no light on your bike, pull the clutch down while pressing the gear shifter down. However, finding the right gear will be easy enough practice. It will become almost intuitive.

Shifting Properly

The way the motorbike behaves will help determine if you are changing gears properly. If there is a jerking movement while you pull the clutch, try to be gentler and smoother when making adjustments. If there is a staggering movement, ease up on the throttle.

Other Tips

Other helpful tips for shifting gears on motorcycles: give the engine enough time to rev up in between gear changes. If you don’t, the motorbike will lose speed when changing gears.

To make a stop, do the following: reduce your speed while making the downshift. Choose a low gear and release the clutch. Feather the throttle. This method allows you to get back up to speed quickly. There’s also nothing wrong with skipping gears. However it can make for a rough ride.

In case the bike stalls, just pull the clutch and start it. Get into first gear and you can resume driving.

Riding on two wheels isn’t as hard as it seems. As long as you abide by these simple tips for shifting gears on motorcycles, you’ll get used to it in no time.

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