Modeling Tips

Having a beautiful face doesn’t guarantee a successful career on the runway; it actually requires effort to look good on camera. Here are some modeling tips for aspiring models.

Relax Your Body

If your face or body is tense, it will appear in the picture. You will appear nervous and stiff. Don’t keep your breath in. When posing, do it naturally. If you relax, a lot of the tension will dissipate. The result will be a more natural and attractive appearance.

Posture Basics

Of course you’ll need to follow the photographer’s instructions. However there are other basic postures you should follow. This includes keeping the back straight up. Your shoulders also need to be up. By all means avoid slouching. This is one of the most fundamental modeling tips. If you slump, your belly will appear bigger than it is.

Avoid Symmetry

What this means is that your arms and legs need to be posed differently. If your left arm is straightened out, the right should be bent or holding your waist. This asymmetrical rule also follows with your legs and shoulders. This enhances the natural look of your pose. Unless the symmetrical pose is required, avoid it at all costs.

Don’t Stare into the Camera

Keep your head or eyes away from the camera. You can shift your eyes to the left or right. You can move your head a little to the left, as if looking at something else. Don’t forget the facial expressions. Other good modeling tips are balancing between turning your head or just your eyes. Some prefer to just let the eyes move away from the camera. Others like the full head turn. Try a little of both.

Cleavage Shots

To fully display your assets, here are some suggestions. Lean forward a little. Set your elbows so it is level to the waist. Or you can place your arms behind your back and push your chest forward a little.

Don’t Smile all the Time

A great model is someone who can adopt a variety of poses. This means being able to smile, pout or scowl when required. Not all poses require you to smile, so learn different facial expressions. Other modeling tips you should consider are practicing in front of a mirror.

Stand there and practice smiling, laughing and pouting. Also work on your eyes and body movement.

Other Suggestions

Work out regularly. This isn’t just to make you look good. It also helps your body become more flexible. There’ll be times when you’ll be ask to make running or other active poses. Also learn how to assume expressions of happiness, being stressed out etc.

When you have to do sitting poses, try to focus the weight on your right or left thigh. It makes you look slimmer.

Don’t forget to take care of your body and health. Having a good and positive attitude also helps.

Don’t just rely on your natural looks. To have a successful and long career, apply these modeling tips and make the most of your natural beauty and talent.

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