Makeup Tips

Here are some makeup tips to ensure you apply them correctly. No matter how much you put on, it won’t do any good if it’s not done in the right manner.


It’s important that you choose the right color. Instead of choosing the most expensive brands, put the emphasis on the color. Make sure that it is fit for your hair color. If you’ve got black or brown hair, black mascara will look great. For blondes, redheads and brunettes, the brown / black shade is more appropriate.

Mascara comes in thickening or lengthening variants. Whichever you choose, apply them in the following way. Begin at the lashes’ base and work your way upwards. The number of layers you add is up to you. Another makeup tip is to use an emollient base. This helps in giving it a richer, fuller look.


There are two types of eyeliners being used today. They are pencil and the liquid based. If you’re using the former, a dark brown to black shade is excellent for those with dark hair. For blondes and redheads, amber or light brown is recommended. Sharpen the pencil before applying. Blend it a little to make it appear more natural.

With a pencil eyeliner you can just trace it along the lines. For liquid, apply it at the inner corner. Move it up slowly. Apply only a little at first. Only when you get used to it should you add thicker layers.


Here are makeup tips for applying foundations. Sponges can be difficult to use because they’ll soak in a lot of the liquid. A brush is more effective and gives you more control. Another advantage of brushes is that they are reusable. Just wash them, and they’re as good as new.

To put it on, add a small amount (the size of a dime) on the brush. Apply it on the cheeks and forehead. Set the strokes smoothly. Blend them well.


Almost all of them have a sponge, so using it is simple enough. If you just want a little bit, consider getting a brush. This makeup tip is especially useful if the formula is liquid. Be sure that your skin is properly moisturized first.


There are basically two types of brush, the round and blunt. Experiment with both to find the right one for you. Decide beforehand if you want your cheekbones highlighted or not.

Applying a little bit of highlighter is a good idea. It means you’ll need to put on less powder. In terms of color, plum or similar shades are suitable for dark skin tones. For fair skin, various shades of rose are great.

If the weather is hot, you can apply some cream. It makes your face look more refreshed. Apply them in moderate amounts. Those with extra sensitive skin should choose the product carefully.

These makeup tips should take out a lot of the difficulty and confusion about applying makeup. By putting in the right colors and using the right techniques, it’ll accentuate your beauty.

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