Makeup Tips for Teenagers

It’s only natural for teens to want to put on makeup. However, it’s all too easy to get carried away. Follow these makeup tips for teenagers to get that fresh and natural look.

The Foundation

Apply some hydrating lotion on your face before putting on any foundation. This helps you in two ways. First it will help the foundation cover more ground. Secondly, it keeps the skin moistened. Without it, the skin will dry up.

To apply, just take a small amount. Put it on your cheeks, forehead and nose. Make sure that it’s evenly applied.

The Eyes

Start by placing some concealer around both eyes. Blend them well. Get a brush and put some powder on it. For the eyeshadow, a golden color will be nice. Start from the inner and work to the outer edges.

Here are other eye makeup tips for teenagers. Get a pencil and trace it around the lids. Apply some cotton buds to smudge it. The net effect will be to give your eyes a deeper look. For the lower eyelid, you can use a brush.

The Mascara and the Blush

Start from the end of the lashes, all the way to the roots. When using the brush, a zigzag movement is recommended. Don’t apply a thick texture. This may cause the lashes to get stuck.

For the blush, a soft color will suffice. Pink is a good choice, as it produces a sparkling effect. Make sure that when you apply it on the cheeks, it is blended thoroughly.

The Lips

Here is a good makeup tip for teenagers: put some lipbalm prior to adding some lipstick. With the lipbalm, just a small amount of lipstick will be necessary and it will get that gloss you want. There are many colors to choose from, but natural shades are the best.

It’s also a good idea to have a lip moisturizer with you. This will keep your lips from cracking. The ingredient to look for is tea tree oil.

Choosing the Right Product

Your skin is still very soft, so avoid using harsh or strong products. If you feel itchy or your skin gets reddish, stop using the product. Look for something that is softer.

Some other makeup tips for teenagers you should consider. Try not to put too much makeup on. It’s important to keep the natural freshness of your skin visible. Too much lipstick or mascara will make you look old. You want to look beautiful, but applying a ton of makeup isn’t the way to do it.


Some teens take their cue from what their idols wear. That’s okay, but why not establish your own style? There’s no need to look like everyone else when you can stand out. For a feminine look, you can try pink and pastel like colors.

You can also go for various color combinations. However you should avoid grays and browns. Don’t forget your hair and dress will play a part in how you look.

These makeup tips for teenagers are suggestions. They aren’t set in stone, so feel free to mix and match. By experimenting, you’ll eventually get the look you want.

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