Love Tips

Known as an emotion that is commonly associated with a sense of attachment as well as strong affection to other people, love encompasses various feelings like devotion, passion and desire. Many people agree that love is very important to the psychological state of humans because it can be a helpful facilitator in interpersonal relationships. To know more about this special emotion, below are some of the most common love tips that you can follow.

Differentiating True Love From Not Real Love

Before engaging in a passionate relationship or before committing to a person, it is important that you assess you true feelings to that individual. By knowing the signs of fake and true love, you can easily evaluate yourself and think if you really have feelings towards the other person. You truly love a person if you feel comfortable even if you are apart from each other. Another sign of true love is that you do not easily get jealous of other people who interact with your partner. You truly love each other if you can resolve your differences and find solutions to the problems that you usually experience.

On the other hand, you do not love the person if you think of your partner as perfect. In addition, you experience fake love if you always think of your needs before thinking the needs of the other person. You can also say that you do not love your partner if you have problems resolving fights and your differences.


Dating is an important stage in a romantic relationship. This is the stage wherein you get to know the other person. It is essential that while dating, you assess the future of your relationship. One of the signs that the relationship is not going anywhere when your partner talks a lot of negative things about a former lover. Another sign is if you visit the house of the person for the first time and you find a big mess in the place.

Keeping the Love Alive in a Dying Relationship

If you are having problems keeping the love alive in a withering relationship, you can try different romantic and bonding activities with your partner such as watching the sunset in a serene beach and cooking foods together. Aside from these, it is important that you remain intimate with each other by holding hands often and kissing every part of your partner’s body. Lastly, to keep the love alive, it is best if you do sweet things together like flirting in a public area and spending more time cuddling and hugging your partner.

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