Laundry Tips

There are certain aspects in taking care of your laundry that will become usual problems. People need tidbits on things like stain removal, washing items of various sizes, and how to dry the clothes you just washed. We have organized a few laundry tips for each of these. If you get to do your laundry on your own, you’ll find these laundry tips to be very useful.

Laundry Tips: Removing Stains

Stains are such a big mess when you’ve got some on your clothes. Just ordinarily washing stained clothes won’t be enough to get rid of the stain. Each stain will have to be removed using a specific method. The following are our laundry tips on how to remove each common stain.

Coffee or Tea:
To get rid of coffee or tea stains, presoak clothes in detergent and bleach. Wash them in the hottest temperature allowed for that fabric.

Blood: Fresh blood stains should be rinsed off using cold running water. Rub off the stain using soap. When dealing with dried blood, scrape or rub off any dried blood on your clothes first. Soak your clothes in warm water in a product or detergent that contains enzymes.

Mud: Dry off the mud on your clothes first and then you brush off mud that is found sticking onto your clothing. Rinse clothes in cold using cold water and then wash them in detergent.

Wine and Fruit Juice:
Soak the stained clothes in cool water and then soak in hot water that is safe for the fabric. Include oxygen bleach into the hot water you’re using.

Laundry Tips: Washing Various Clothing

If your colored clothes have become dingy or dull, use salt to make the colors brighter. Just two pinches of table salt added to your wash water and detergent will work well. Here’s a great way to care for delicate clothes. Place them inside a pillowcase, tie up the end, and wash them.

Of course, a hard and fast rule would be to always separate your white clothes from your colored clothes. You can never always tell which color clothes will bleed when you wash them. Never tumble dry items that are downed in temperatures that exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Laundry Tips: Drying Them

Never over dry your clothes. Use the washing machine sensor if your machine is equipped with one. Conduct a regular inspection of your dryer. Dry all heavier articles like towels separately. Remember to clean your lint filter after every load. Add dry towels to speed up drying time when drying a small load of clothes. However, you should not over load your dryer.

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