Ice Skating Tips

Ice skating was originally meant as a way to transport goods across frozen lakes and ponds. It originated from Scotland and Netherlands. Curious enough, the name skates takes its roots in Dutch where the original word actually means ‘leg bone’. Iron blades were first used in 1250 AD in Holland. Today, this is an aesthetic sport that requires balance and skill on your feet and on your toes. What we have below are ice skating tips for beginners.

Ice Skating Tip #1 – Find a Good Coach

There is no better way to start learning about ice skating other than getting your first lessons from an expert. You’ll be minimizing risks and he can make sure that you learn the fundamentals correctly.

Ice Skating Tip #2 – Rent It Before You Buy It

If you’re just planning to start on an ice skating program, it is best that you just rent your equipment at first or use clothing you already have. This way you can get a feel for the sport before actually spending a dollar on equipment. After a few practice sessions with your coach, you can then tell if this is a program you enjoy and will stick with.

If ever you feel that ice skating is a great sport for you then here are the items you might want to put in your purchasing list. This ice skating tip is one for practicality and using your dollars for something you really want to do.

Figure Skates: You can rent these at first just to get a feel for the game. However, if you do plan on continuing with it and skate on a regular basis then its best that you buy a pair of your own. Go for figure skates since they tend to be a much better fit and have sharper blades.

Ice Skating Dress: You also won’t need one of these if you’re just trying it out. In fact, if it’s your first time, anything you already have that will be appropriate for the cold will be just right. Leotards and leggings will work also since they can give you that much wanted freedom of movement on the ice. You can get nice ice skating apparel if you’re sure you want to continue.

You can try to keep warm on the rink by moving around. However, having an extra layer of clothes will work wonders for the cold. Wear ones that you can easily put on or take off.

Tights/Socks: Never wear cotton socks/tights with your skates since they tend to become bulky and don’t absorb moisture that well. Keep blisters away and you’ll get happy feet on the ice. This might as well be one of the ice skating tips you should pay attention to.

Ice Skating Tip #3 – Face the Basics

One of the very first lessons you’ll learn is to smile every time you fall. Everyone falls on the ice the first time. Next, you should learn to march on the ice before you begin to glide. Next, you should also first know how to stop on the ice, which is a great way to get out of trouble. After getting over the initial muscle pains, you can decide if you enjoy the ice or just go for something else.

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