House Cleaning Tips

Trying to keep things tidy can be hard, especially if you have got a lot of things to do. Let these house cleaning tips serve as a quick fix for keeping your home, neat and orderly.

Children’s Bedroom

Put a deck box or chest in the room. This is usually used near the pool, but it can be utilized to store toys and other things. For the desk, you can use any dry cloth to get rid of the dust. If there is a lot of it though, a damp cloth is preferable. If there are stains or ink marks on the table, you can apply salt or hair spray.

It is also a good idea to teach the kids early on, how to sweep the floor. This not only teaches your kids how to clean up, but it also helps prevent dirt from accumulating. By teaching your kids (or teens) house cleaning tips, they can help you manage the house.

The Basement

Start by making an inventory of the things in the basement. Most people use this place as a repository of things they don’t use anymore but don’t want to throw out. If you want to reduce the clutter in your house, start by throwing away everything that needs to be disposed for sure.

Depending on how long it hasn’t been cleaned, you can sweep the floor or use a vacuum. Once all the trash has been thrown out, arrange the remaining things. Arrange them in an orderly fashion. While you are at it, you can polish the tables or replace the wallpaper if you have the time.

The Backyard

House cleaning tips should extend to your garden and yard. Throw away dirty water. This is an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes and other bacteria. Mow the grass regularly so insects and reptiles don’t get attracted to it. Remove those old branches and other debris. If you have a pet, you don’t want it accidentally swallowing something and getting very sick.

Tidying up the Bathroom

Don’t throw away those small bar soaps. Mash them with larger ones. This saves you money. For those old shower curtains, there is no need to throw them away yet. With a little vinegar during washing, a lot of the stains can be cleaned up.

Other house cleaning tips for the bathroom include the following:

  • Never mix the supplies for two bathrooms. Keep them separated.
  • Cleaning the floors will be easier if the product has phosphoric acid. It lessens the amount of scrubbing you will have to do.
  • For any buildup on the door, apply some lemon on it. If there is mildew building up, apply bleach (3 parts) and water (1 part).

Some More Suggestions

For windows, get a bucket of water and put some soap in it. Get a piece of cloth and start wiping the dirt. You can also use this for cleaning pots and jars. For glass furnishings, water will be sufficient.

These house cleaning tips will not completely take all the dreariness out of tidying up your home. But, they can surely make it easier and faster to complete the chores.

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