Hangover Tips

After a fun-filled night of  indulging in alcoholic beverages, people usually experience the undesirable symptoms of hangover. These include diarrhea, dysphoria and lethargy. Likewise, such people also suffer from photosensitivity, nausea and headache. These symptoms could eventually lead to poor performance at work as well as sleepiness. Treating these problems is very easy with the help of these tried and tested safe and effective hangover tips.

Tips to Get Over a Hanover

Rest Well

One of the most effective ways to fight hangover is to get proper rest. Lie down on a nice warm bed and relax your mind and body. Sleep comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed. Get as much sleep as you can to recharge your tired body. After drinking heavily, the human liver has been very busy working all through the night. Sleeping can actually help your liver recover from such a stressful condition.

Drink Plenty of Liquid

Aside from resting, it is also good to drink lots of fluids. Sports drinks contain valuable nutrients that can help rehydrate the human body and restore all the lost energy. You can also drink fresh fruit juices to replenish your energy. Nothing can be a better substitute for water and so, ensure you drink lots of water also. Drinking sports drinks and juices will help to provide important electrolytes and sugars that are good for the body.

Take the Right Medications

There are several drugs available in the market to deal with hangovers. One can easily purchase and take over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin. After one or two tablets, the discomforts brought about by this condition can be easily eliminated. However, before taking any of these drugs, it is good to check whether your stomach can handle these medications.

Try to Sweat the Alcohol Off Your Body

Although you may still be suffering from a nauseous feeling, medical experts believe the sweating the alcohol out of your system can help a lot while trying to get over a hangover. Engage in different kinds of physical activities in order to sweat. Try hiking, biking or jogging and instantly remove the toxins out of your body. For those who are still too drunk to do strenuous exercises, brisk walking or staying inside a steam room can also help in these situations.

Prickly Pear Cactus

Based on numerous studies, the consumption of prickly pear cactus can actually lower the level of inflammation, which can actually lead to a hangover. Nowadays, this ingredient can be taken in either powder or pill form. Within a couple of hours after intake, people can kiss their hangover symptoms goodbye.

Eat Bland Food

Consumption of alcohol eventually leads to a feeling of fatigue and weakness because alcohol affects the blood sugar levels. Foods that contain complex sugars such as cereal, bread toast and crackers will help to increase the blood sugar level.

Keep in mind the above mentioned tips when you or a friend need to quickly get past a bad hangover.

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